Information on Buying the Best Baby Toys

| February 12, 2011 | 0 Comments

On everyone’s baby registry I always see an abundance of toys listed. Listen, your baby will be entertained by the mere sound of your voice for the first few months but I understand if you want to stock up to avoid having to buy it yourself. When I go to buy a baby toy safety is the first thing I look for. Make sure to read the labels on the toys and see what age range they suggest it for. Never buy stuffed animals for a baby that has eyes that pop out as a baby could choke on this. If you are buying wooden toys make sure to read the label and see if they are made with a non-toxic finish. Once your baby can sit up I always loved the stationary playcenter because it contains they but gives baby lots of toy options. My favorite gift to give a new mom is the activity bouncer because this lets you put the baby down and enjoy eye to eye contact. Both my kids loved the bouncy seat.

Make sure to wash babies toys often as they will always put them in their mouth. Invest in a toybar for your stroller because this my buy you some extra time at the store if baby has something to look at. Now there are new program available for parents to rent toys for their children. Read Renting Toys Online instead of Buying them to see why this may be a good option for baby toys.

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