Picking Out a Safe Baby Cribs

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According to popular belief baby things are usually bought after the baby’s birth, but parents-to- be try to purchase a baby crib and some necessary clothing before this significant occasion. Looking for a baby safe crib might turn into a real heavy and serious choice. In this situation none of safe features should be ignored. This information on baby crib safety will examine the safety features of baby cribs to give you the necessary tips on how to choose the safest baby crib for your baby.

Does it meet the Safety Standards?
One can say that all baby cribs meet safety standards and that person will be absolutely right. According to the Consumer Products Safety Commission every crib which is made nowadays must meet these standards. Even the least expensive baby crib will meet the minimum safety standards. There are as well another voluntary safety standards set by the American Society for Testing and Materials. In this case baby cribs are certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacture’s Association. All the baby cribs that meet these additional safety standards have past the basic safety standards and are safe for your baby.

From the survey we can see that only one baby form four new babies get a new baby crib. All the rest content themselves with a hand-me-down cribs or own used ones bought by their parents. The fact remains that the majority of you do this to save you family budget buying such cheap baby furniture. This is really a way out and some of used baby cribs are in a good state and can serve your baby honestly. But some people are ready to argue against. There are still accidents where babies can be injured or even an old baby crib can cause a baby’s death. The majority of these tragedies do occur with older baby cribs. That is why some people insist on buying a new baby crib if you want to be 100% sure your baby is safe and the crib meets all the necessary safety standards. But alas, used baby cribs have cost less and they possess this big advantage of cheapness. What can we do in order not to suffer from our personal thrift? You must be sure that the chosen used baby crib you can afford meets the current minimum safety standards. The first step is checking out if the baby crib has been recalled you can do it visiting the following site recalls.gov. Assuming it has not been recalled see if your baby crib meets the minimum baby crib safety standards. After this investigation you will be sure the crib is an absolutely safe piece of baby furniture for your baby.

Primary Baby Crib Safety Standards

The space between the vertical bars or slates must be no more than 2 3/8 inches wide. This safety standard prevents squeezing the baby’s body into the space between two bars. No bar should be broken out.
Also a safe baby crib must not have any decorative cutouts wider than 2 3/8″ in the headboard or footboard of the baby crib, which can add a potential hazard to the baby crib.
The old baby crib should have smooth surfacing in order not to cause splinters and safe coating.

A safe baby crib for a child is a dream of every loving father and mother and we can assist you to make your dream come true. We have all kinds of baby furniture sets, a wide selection of baby cribs for sale, including amusing baby crib bedding sets: beddings, baby crib mattresses. All our baby cribs meets the safety standards.

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