TOMS Shoes Ballet Flats Spring Collection

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TOMS Ballet Flats join the TOMS family!
TOMS debuted the new TOMS Ballet Flats collection February 1! The fashion world is in a frenzy with the news of the TOMS Ballet Flats Collection kicked off. You can now buy your own pair of Toms with Ballet Flats from the TOMS website. The Ballet Flats are part of the TOMS One for One mission so except to help a child in need! Now, we are huge TOMS Fans here at Shopaholic Mommy and we have worn our TOMS Shoes all over the world. TOMS Ballet Flats Collection allow all you TOMS’ lovers to dress it up a bit. How often have you had a dressy occasion and wanted to take your TOMS along with you. As always, all of the TOMS Coupons will be available for more money off your purchase and remember it all supports one for one.

How Much Do the TOMS Ballet Flats Cost?
If you are price conscious shopper like me then your first question is what will these new TOMS Ballet Flats cost? One style is $74 which is the Natalia line of Linen Ballet Flats. Most of the other styles are $79, except for the Camilia Black Leather Ballet Flat which is $84. But now worries, we have a TOMS Coupon Code for you that will save you at least five dollars off your new TOMS Ballet Flats purchase!

TOMS Shoes Ballet Flats for Women Available Styles

  • TOMS Ballet FlatsLeather Ballet Flats
    Gisele Brown Suede Ballet Flats
    Gisele Grey Suede Ballet Flats
    Camila Black Leather Ballet Flats only pair at $84
    Alessandra Natural Leather Ballet Flats
  • Suede Ballet Flats
    Eliana Blue Suede Ballet Flats
    Eliana Pink Suede Ballet Flats
  • Burlap Ballet Flats
    Alessandra Burlap Ballet Flats
    Isabel Burlap Ballet Flats
  • Canvas Ballet Flats
    Alessandra Black Canvas Ballet Flats
  • Linen Ballet Flats – spring’s favorite fabric
    Natalia Grey Linen Ballet Flats
    Natural Natalia Linen Ballet Flats
    Natalia Rose Linen Ballet Flats
  • Katia Chambray Ballet Flats – so and light weight, perfect for jeans
  • Lina Woven Ballet Flats in a Native American print
  • Leopard prints Ballet Flats; two patterns to choose from Brown Gisele, Grey Gisele
  • There are also TOMS Ballet Flats with four styles in different textures that are sure to match with everything! Chambray Katia, Lina, Natural Alessandra, Burlap Isabel

TOMS Ballet Flat Shoes

For years now TOMS was only a canvas shoe company then they added Eyewear and now TOMS Ballet Flat Shoes. TOMS is set to expand to a whole new world of people that did not like the canvas but love flat shoes. You can expect the same great quality in the TOMS Ballet Flats as you got with the canvas shoes. TOMS offers colors and patterns for the TOMS Ballet Flats that are perfect to match with all your spring attire. 2012 TOMS Ballet Flat shoes are sure to be best sellers for the spring as every major fashion house is talking about them!We love the comfort and style of TOMS and are so excited to add to our collection with a pair of TOMS Ballet Flats in Spring 2012.

There will be at least twelve different styles of ballet flats in many different textures such as suede, leather and burlap as well as a variety of patterns such as leopard and a red chambray pattern. The TOMS Ballet Flats for spring are more expensive than the traditional TOMS canvas shoes. TOMS Ballet Flats priced from $74 to $84 and a TOMS Coupon Code will be available to you. Use our TOMS Shoes Coupon for additional savings. You can find a TOMS coupon code online only and from various sites. Spring 2012 will be here before we know it so make sure you keep an eye out for the latest news on TOMS Ballet Flats, they are sure to be a hit.

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