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One pair of TOMS Eyewear glasses = Sight for One Person

TOMS Eyewear Line – The Basics Of how it works

TOMS Eyewear and Sunglasses Style Choices
TOMS Eyewear for Men and TOMS Eyewear for Women come in three basic styles.

  • TOMS Classic 101 ‘s : average price $135 available in 6 frame colors
  • TOMS Classic 201 ‘s : average price $135 comes in 4 frame colors
  • TOMS Classic 301 ‘s : from $145 and comes in 3 frame color styles

TOMS Eyewear is the next mission of One for One. The TOMS Shoes One for One™ mystery box revealed that the new chapter of what TOMS will sell. TOMS Eyewear is the new product that the TOMS model is working for. TOMS realized that just like with shoes there is a great need to help people with their vision. According to the World Health Organization over 284 million people have some sort of visual impairment in the world. Of that number blindness affects 39 million and 245 have low vision. These numbers are staggering because 80% of all visual impairment can be avoided or cured. TOMS has yet again set out to learn about how they can help, save or restore the vision of many worldwide. The idea for TOMS Eyewear started in Nepal and worked with local non profits to understand what the need was in a community. TOMS is no longer just the company that sells shoes, or an eyewear company, they are now the One for One completely. TOMS hope for the future is that One for One™ will reach and help with the many different worldwide needs.

When TOMS started in 2006 owner Blake Mycoskie realized on one of his many travels that thousands of children in South America were lacking the basic necessity of shoes. He got an idea to help a small group of people and four years later TOMS is finding more ways to help. Now. he has yet again seen a way that TOMS can help. TOMS Eyewear will help third world countries throughout the world and try to reach out to those 90% of visually impaired people that live in a world of darkness. The goal of TOMS Eyewear is to give sight all around the world, and TOMS is starting with Nepal, Cambodia and Tibet. TOMS Eyewear feels that this crisis can be solved, and TOMS Eyewear can create an immediate impact to help create a better future for so many.

As you can see, TOMS is a company that you can feel good about making a purchase from because when you buy TOMS Shoes or TOMS Eyewear, you are helping to make a difference in the lives of the children and many others in third world countries. When you buy from TOMS, you will not only get a pair of high quality, stylish shoes or eyewear for yourself, but you will also put a pair of shoes or eyewear to someone in need. TOMS offers a variety of beautiful shoes and eyewear to choose from at an affordable price, there really is no reason why you shouldn’t make your next shoe purchase from TOMS. Join the TOMS One for One Movement and get fashion sunglasses for Men and Women.

Toms designed the eyewear with stripes and bold colors so that it will be a reminder that you the buyer has impacted someones life in a One for One way. With every pair you purchase, TOMS will give sight to a person in need. TOMS Eyewear One for One Coupons.

Ok, so lets breakdown the impact of One for One™ and what the TOMS Eyewear line stands to accomplish. They are not going to hand out sunglasses to poor people. TOMS will team up with organizations that are already in place to help people in each village. TOMS will offer sight saving surgery and offer prescription eyeglasses. When some one like you buys a pair of TOMS glasses, then the result is that one person receives eye care.

TOMS Eyewear could not be successful without the many partnerships it has with organizations that are in place locally to make a different in the daily life of these people. Sight Giving Partners know which people are in need of urgent help and they direct them to TOMS.

  • Medical Treatment: Treat is offered if some has had an injury or been affected by a disease. Medical treatment is essential and prescription medication and surgery to remove foreign objects make all the difference.
  • Prescription Eyeglasses: Most people in these countries do not have access to doctors like we do. Now, TOMS offers then prescriptions that are for each individual and unique to the issues that that person has. Patients also get a choice of eyeglass frames for their new glasses – the gift of sight is amazing.
  • Sight-Saving Surgery: Here we take  a quick surgery for cataracts for granted – but now it is offered to these people because without it the cloudiness just grown on the eye and causes permanent blindness.


TOMS is about providing shoes and eyewear for Tomorrow. How do you see the future? Help save someone from a world of darkness and buy a pair of TOMS Eyewear. Help create a better tomorrow ! At times there are TOMS Coupons and special offers available. Get TOMS Classic Eyewear and see how they fit!

TOMS is an amazing company you should learn more about! Toms Promo Code.

TOMS next mission – The Reveal – TOMS Eyewear is the next mission of One for One.

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