Information on Baby Cribs

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When you’re in the market for a baby crib, ensure it meets all the minimum safety standards. Just as if you were choosing a baby car safety seat, selecting a baby crib is just as important. There shouldn’t be any compromise in the choice of materials, fabrics, stability, durability, comfort and most of all safety. Always keep in mind that a baby crib has to meet the US Consumer Product Safety Commission standards and must be designed to protect a baby from injuries.

With so many styles and options available on cribs for babies today, purchasing the perfect baby crib can be a daunting task. Determine your price range and decide which baby crib features are most important to you. Then let the hunt for the best baby cribs begin!

Here’s a checklist of features –

One of the most popular cribs for babies are standard cribs. You see this type of furniture often. There are two types of standard cribs, the single drop side and the double drop side.

The single drop side has one side which can be adjusted or dropped down to ease the process of getting the child inside the crib. While double drop side has both sides that can be adjusted and dropped down. The double drop side is best placed as a free standing unit in a room, whereas the single drop side is normally placed against a wall.

Convertible cribs for babies is another practical option. This type of baby crib can be converted into a toddler bed, daybed or full sized bed. Buying a convertible crib is an ideal way to save some extra dollars in the longer run.

If you opt for an elegant setting for your baby, a canopy crib is perfect. This has four post at the corners to hold a canopy frame. This attractive design can be very functional, providing security and protection, however, make sure that materials are secure and out of touch from your child.

One of today’s popular cribs for babies are round cribs. They are very comfortable for babies when sleeping in any position and provide ease of access.

Remember safe cribs for babies should have a firm, tight-fitting mattress, no missing/broken hardware or slats and no cutouts in the head or foot boards.

Adjustable mattress height is available on all but the most inexpensive cribs for babies and is a nice feature. It allows the mattress to be higher for a sleeping newborn, then lowered for babies who can pull up. At least two mattress heights is nice, three is even better.


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