Warehouse Clubs comparison

| May 10, 2011 | 0 Comments

70% OffYou may think that all warehouse clubs are the same, but if you look closely there are some significant differences.
What’s for sale: BJ’s averages about 7,000 items at each location, and their packaging tends to be a bit smaller than Sam’s Club or Costco.  Costco locations carry around 4,000 items, and Sam’s Club around 5,000 items.

Coupon Policy: BJ’s offers store coupons, but they also allow you to bring in any manufacturer coupons you cut out of newspapers and magazines.  Costco emails or mails out coupons to members, but does not allow you to submit manufacturer coupons.  Sams only mails coupons to their Premium members and dot not accept manufacturers coupons either.

Discounts: With the standard membership plan, BJ’s offers discounts on services such as insurance, vacations and Verizon Wireless.  Costco’s basic membership will get you discounts with Ameriprise auto insurance, however you do not have access to other discounts (such as travel,)  unless you upgrade your membership.  Sam’s does not offer any discounts.  They do offer something the other two do not, which is online ordering.  If you order before 5 p.m. you can go by the next day and pick up your order in the store, saving a considerable amount of time if you know exactly what you need.

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