Kick the Shoe Habit, or At Least Feel Better About It

| May 10, 2011 | 0 Comments

TOMS Women ShoesA recent study conducted by Co-operative insurance surveyed 3,000 woman, and found that the average woman had 11 pairs of shoes worth about $650 sitting in a closet which were barely being used.  Of course in many cases it was that pair of shoes you bought to match a dress for a special occasion, or in some cases we buy the shoes first and then the outfit.  The survey further found that most woman owed about 20 pairs of shoes with an average cost of $59 each.  What motivated those surveyed to buy new shoes? To cheer up, to keep up with a trend, for a new outfit or just because they love shoes.  The most surprising thing that came out of the study was that woman on average buy 8 new pairs of shoes per year, for around $985 yearly on shoes.

Have any of you made a shoe purchase you later regret or have pairs of shoes you haven’t worn in years?  I personally don’t use high heels very often, so I am guilty as charged.  I buy the shoes, wear them for a few hours and I am done!  I do feel better about my recent shoe purchases though.  I went with a very practical and comfortable pair from Toms Shoes.  I went with flats that I can wear both to work or on weekends, and as always, with every pair of shoes purchase from TOMS, they provide a new pair of shoes to a child in need.  I have my eye on a black canvas wedge shoe next.  It’s a heel I will feel comfortable in for more than a couple of hours and shouldn’t collect dust in the back of my closet.  So next time you have the urge to buy shoes, especially if you need some cheering up, support Toms Shoes knowing that you are making the different in the life of a child as well.  Browse their selection and take advantage of Toms Shoes Coupons. Watch for exciting news from TOMS. Toms Shoes Next Chapter of One for One Movement. This TOMS mystery box will not be opened in June 7, 2011. What is inside the box represents that from this day forward TOMS is no longer a shoe company they are the One for One company.

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