TOMS Shoes Update – Sustainable Soles

| May 9, 2011 | 0 Comments

TOMS Shoes StaffWe absolutely love to follow the TOMS Shoes headquarter updates. They seem like they really love what they do at TOMS. The Sustainable Soles Team at the TOMS headquarters helps keep the office environmentally friendly. In this update we learn that the Sustainable Soles teams at TOMS is made up of 14 employees and interns. Many employees at TOMS bike ride or carpool to work. They even had to install another bike rack so all the bikes could fit – that is teamwork ! At TOMS they take trips to the recycle center together and they even invited the whole TOMS office so they could learn what else they could recycle as a team. TOMS employees don’t just stay in the office to participate they get outside too! TOMS employees recently went to the beach and did a beach clean up in Marina del Ray and they were headed to downtown LA To plant trees. In another part of the video they show us how the creative agency and the sustainable soles team are working on ideas and ways to re purpose old TOMS shoes. SO far the TOMS team has come up with ideas of how to create a bracelet, pencil case, scented hearts, hippie headbands and soccer ball.

Oh yeah if you are wondering what the great tune is they play during the video the group is Foster the Kids “Kids” but we also love their song “Pumped in Kicks” seems appropriate for TOMS Shoes! Are you wearing the most Earth Friendly shoes there are, TOMS Shoes? Visit TOMS Earth Day and TOMS Shoes Celebrate Earth Day to see how to celebrate. Also, get your Coupons for Toms!

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