How To Keep Your Kids Safe On Halloween

| October 28, 2014 | 0 Comments

halloweensafetyHalloween is fast approaching. As fun as it is for kids, it can be just as stressful for parents trying to keep their kids safe. Trick or treating usually occurs between 5:30 pm. and 9:30 p.m. This means that by the time most families head out the door, it’s pretty dark out which poses many dangers in and of itself. However, you can keep your kids safe and your Halloween night stress free by utilizing the following five tips.

1.   Put the electronics away. Most families have electronic devices like cellphones and tablets. These devices are quite handy, but they can be a distraction on

Halloween night. It’s hard to steer clear of dangers if you don’t see it because you are on your tablet. Instead, leave everything, but your cell phone at home and try to keep your phone in your pocket or purse for the night.
2.   Make sure treat bags can be seen. We’ve all heard that you should make sure that your kid’s costumes are bright or easily visible. The truth of the matters is though that many kids don’t want their costumes altered in any way. Instead, parents can make sure that treat bags glow in the dark or are easily visible. A few pieces of reflective tape on a treat bag can help make sure that your child is seen by drivers. Your kids probably aren’t going to let go of that bag all night so putting reflective tape on it will essentially serve the same purpose as putting it on their costume.
3.   Put a nametag on your child. Crowded streets and dark conditions can lead to your child getting separated from you on Halloween. Fortunately there will be a lot of other parents around to help. To ensure that one of these parents is able to locate you, put a nametag with your child’s name and your phone number on the inside of their costume. Make sure you tell your child where it is and to show it to another mom or dad if they are lost.
4.   Plot out a map ahead of time. Before going trick or treating figure out which houses you are going to and make a plan. Explain to your children which houses you will be visiting and which ones you are staying away from. Take the map with you on Halloween so that you will have reminder as to where you are going and where you are avoiding.
5.   Pick costume props carefully. Many costumes have props like swords and wands. Some of these props can be dangerous, especially if your trick or treater waves them around or falls while they are hurrying to a house. Try to leave the props at home. If your child absolutely has to have it, place a little bit of tape over any pointy ends to make them blunt instead of sharp.

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