Fun Things to do With Kids During Winter Break

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Family lying on floor by open boxes in new home smilingWinter is a time of excitement, celebration, and wonder, but it can also be a stressful and difficult time. This is particularly true for parents. When kids are home for winter break, it can be hard to keep them occupied without falling back on letting TV babysit. Even though there are new toys from the holidays out even those get boring quicker than you would expect. I love having the kids home but it is very difficult to get anything done. I also the guilt starts to set in that I have to work while they are not getting my undivided attention. However, below are some great ideas of things you can do with your kids to keep them active and spend some quality time together creating memories they’ll cherish for years to come.

1. Read together – Find a great book, and take turns reading to each other. Give the characters different voices to make it more fun.
2. Write a story together – Grab a piece of paper and have the first person write the first line of a story. Then pass the paper around having each person add the next line to the story. After everyone has added a few lines, read the story aloud.
3. Arts and crafts – the possibilities are endless!
4. Conduct science experiments- Make play dough, combine cornstarch and water for an intriguing substance, make a volcano.
5. Take a vacation in your living room- Let kids set up a picnic or set up tents for an overnight camp out.
6. Condiment Twister – This is very messy but kids love it. Set up paper plates with different color condiments in the pattern of Twister board then let kids loose to compete.
7. Pop balloons without hands – See who can pop the most balloons without using their hands. Bubbles are fun too and can keep everyone busy for a while!
8. Play flashlight tag – Turn off the lights, give each kid a flashlight, and listen to the laughter that ensues as kids chase each other around with light.
Family reading9. Sardines – A little reversal of a classic game, it is the opposite of hide-n-seek. One person hides, everyone else goes looking. When someone finds the hider, that person hides with them. The last person to find everyone is the next person to go hide.
10. Find old photos and make up stories about them- Look through the family albums and see who can come up with the most creative stories about what was happening right before the photo was taken.
11. Have a fashion show- Have the kids pick out outfits to model. Come up with categories like worst outfit, craziest outfit, etc.
12. Study a topic and hold a debate- Choose a topic and have some friendly debate. Topics can be serious, funny, or ridiculous. Kids might enjoy debating between which superhero would be victorious in a fight.
13. Volunteer- Find a local place to volunteer with your kids. Helping at a soup kitchen can be a great experience for kids and can help them learn to appreciate what they have.
14. Bake – Make tasty treats with your kids then enjoy the results.
15. Decorate for the holidays- Create paper chains, string popcorn, make pictures, etc. We are making tiaras for New Years!
16. Talent show- Have your kids showcase their talents. There are the classics like singing, dancing, and acting, but kids can also show off any strange skills they may hold.
17. Perform your own game show- Reenact your favorite game show or come up with your own idea.
18. If the weather is nice, go outside for a walk or a bike ride! It really helps reduce stress and helps the kids use some of their excess energy.
19. Play your own version of the Food Network Show Chopped! We fill up a mystery basket with 4 key ingredients and everyone has to create a meal.

These are just a few of the things we do as a family to help curb the boredom! Do you have any suggestions for our list, we would love to hear them!

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