After Christmas Bargins will you shop

| December 26, 2011 | 0 Comments

Ladys excited about a saleAh, the Christmas holiday is now done and if you watched TV at all in the last few days you saw that the bargains are available in many stores. Everything from sporting equipment to toys, and especially clothing are available at a big savings. Many stores like Kohls were opening as early as five am. I except big sales because what ever holiday related merchandise didn’t sell  from the major retailers will now have to move them out of the store so this is prime time for shopping! We all know that this is a very difficult economy we are dealing with and major stores are doing their because to post a profit by year end so they will be doing what is necessary to move the merchandise.

Not only will people be out searching for great buys but many of us who got gift cards for stores will be out looking to spend them! I got a TOMS Gift card and along with a TOMS Coupon Code and will be getting myself a new pair of TOMS! There are coupons available for all the top companies we like to shop with like a Kohls Coupon Code because there are three new coupon promotions available. All the stores are excepted to be full because many people have the day off. The day after Christmas falls on a Monday and banks, financial institutions and schools are closed. Many people have a paid day off while observing the holiday so that means that shopping will be a way to keep themselves busy. Sales on the day after Christmas are supposed to be up almost 60% over last year so we will have to wait to see what the results are. I did not realize that the day after Christmas is usually a day where more that eight million in sales are made and that it is the second biggest sales day in the US.

So, you may be wondering what will you find on sale today. Almost always coats and winter wear will be heavily reduced because we have not had much of a winter and most of the country did not have a white Christmas. Clothing and accessories are said to be drastically reduced because retailers held back before the holiday to see if consumers would spend more money. Also, retailers now need to move the spring line in so that means the winter line will be much less money than you would of spent a week ago. Toys R Us opened at six am and there are some huge sales on toys. Many items that you would of paid full price for weeks ago are now half that price. There are also many buy one get one free offers for popular toys.

Next on the list of big sale items are sporting equipment. Retailers are relying on the fact that you ate too much during the holiday and are working towards your New Year’s Resolution to lose weight and get healthy. So, everything from workout gear, workout videos, exercise bikes and treadmills are on sale! Last but not least are Christmas decorations. Walgreens, Target, CVS and Walmart all have their decorations at almost fifty percent off. Will you be out looking for after Christmas deals? I am not sure what we are going to do but I am not looking forward to shopping anymore than I need to!

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