Do you Shop Online and Drink ?

| December 28, 2011 | 0 Comments

Drinking wine and shoppingOften times, Shopping Online and Drinking when done together can lead to an empty wallet and increased debt. We all do things that we sometimes regret while drinking alcohol, but I never thought shopping and drinking would go together. It is proven that alcohol impairs judgment and decreases inhibitions but do you feel inclined to shop? Thanks to the internet and smartphones more and more people are drinking and shopping! Thanks to all the technology available many people are finding it easier and easier to sit down while at a bar or in the comfort of their own home, have a drink and check their emails for online sales. People who shop while intoxicated, tend to buy items and never remember how or when they bought them. Many times the only recollection of the purchase is the mail that is sent to them once the transaction is done. When people drink, they are usually in a good mood and feel like spending a bit of money on themselves. While it is important to treat yourself to things once in a while, you should probably purchase things while sober. This way you won’t end up spending that much needed gas or rent money. Overall, this topic is very interesting. No one will know if a product is just plain popular, or the result of an intoxicated spending spree on a night out.

While this may be bad for the consumer, the online retailers are just working on ways to make it easier for you to shop. In the last few years mobile and tablet technology have been at the forefront of invention. Since the boom in the smartphone industry there has been a major push for retailers to create mobile friendly sites. These mobile friendly sites specialty Apps that are being created only make shopping an easier process for us. Retailers are catching on and now sending targeted shopping emails to you in the evening rather than the morning hours. Just take a moment to look around the next time you are out and you will notice the amount of people using their smartphones, chances are one of them is shopping.

It was recently reported that channels such as QVC saw a rise in purchases after 7 P.M. Then, the items they are currently selling are ordered at a rapid rate compared to earlier in the day. Multiple websites have reviewed their shoppers and judging whether they have been purchasing their products while intoxicated or not, and it turns out, statistics show that almost half of their shoppers have been purchasing while intoxicated. Based on website traffic many sites show that traffic increases when people get off work, and when they wind down from a hard day.

I am not totally convinced that this report is right. I surveyed our group of friends and most did not admit to shopping while under the influence. What are your feelings on this topic? Do you find yourself drinking while shopping online? If we are having a #wineparty we always like to do it with friends! Do you find yourself drinking and shopping?????

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