Summer Tipping Guide

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Going on vacation or sending kids to camp and not sure how much gratuity you should give? I know this is something that I struggle with all the time so here are some of the scenarios I have run into.

Person The Tip Additional notes
Airport Skycap

$1 to $3 per bag

If they do the curbside check-in for you or you have oversized items such as skis or gold clubs, then you might want to tip a few extra dollars
Valet Parking Attendant

Average $2 to $3

In luxury hotels & large cities up to $5 – especially if they assist you with loading luggage or information.
Taxi, limo or car driver

15% of the total fare

Make sure the tip is not already included in the quote when booking with a limo company. If they made extra stops or suggestions to make your day more enjoyable, then tip an extra 5%.
Emergency Roadside service

$5 to $20

For a quick jump start $5 is fine, but for changing a tire or towing your car to the nearest station, you want to tip more.
Camp Counselor

If permitted, $10 for per week.

Check the policy as not all allow tipping.
Dog Groomer

15 to 20%

For larger dogs or extra treatment give a little extra
Dog Walker

15 to 20%

Pets are like family so you want them to be taken care of.
Gardner or pool cleaner

$20 to $50

Give the tip at the end of the summer or during the holidays.
House Sitter

$3 to 5 per day

If you feel they will not accept money, then bring them a gift back from your travels.

Not necessary

When you pay for a trainer, tennis instructor, or piano teacher, they are paid by the hour or session, so there is no need to tip.
Hair Stylist

10 to 20%

Most stylists now pay to rent their station and all of their own styling products and tools.  If you have long or thick hair or are taking up 1 to 2 hours of their time, lean towards 20%.  For children’s haircuts that take much less time, 10 to 15% is fine.

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