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TOMS Eyewear Display standTOMS is no longer just a shoe company. TOMS is the One for One company. Every time you buy something from TOMS, together we help a person in need. TOMS started with shoes, and now TOMS has taken the next step to help meet even more needs around the world. The big reveal took place at 10:30 a.m PST June 7th, 2011 was the big announcement, when mystery boxes that were at retailers across the country were opened simultaneously. I watched it on a Nordstrom Ustream Toms Shoes Product Reveal.

So here it is, TOMS EYEWEAR ! Three different styles and tons of colors will be available! Give the Spirit of Sight. With Each pair you buy you give sight to some one in need!

Our One for One box is a symbol of how TOMS is evolving. And it’s not just about the next thing we make, but the next way you can help. That’s why you see a silhouette on the box – one person helping another. One for One. Save money on your TOMS Shoes for Youth with TOMS Coupons. TOMS has several coupon offers and special deals throughout the year. The price of TOMS Youth and Tiny TOMS is very affordable and you get great quality, customer service, and the knowledge that you are helping another child have shoes as well. TOMS Shoes are perfect shoe anytime anywhere!

The Next Chapter of One for One : TOMS Eyewear

  • TOMS Classic 101 Sunglasses : average price $135 available in 6 frame colors
  • TOMS Classic 201 Sunglasses : average price $135 comes in 4 frame colors
  • TOMS Classic 301 Sunglasses : from $145 and comes in 3 frame color styles

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