Uses for Dryer Sheets

| June 8, 2011 | 0 Comments

Want to keep your shower door looking clean and free from soap scum buildup? Here’s an easy trick. Take your used dryer sheets and wipe over the inside of the wet shower doors. The sheets have ingredients that soften water deposits so even built up reside comes right off. Other uses for dryer sheets including cleaning dust off of your computer screen or television screen, placing in tennis shoes to neutralize odors, or keep a sheet inside of your luggage when not being used.  While on the subject of luggage, you can also put a few dryer sheets in-between clothes when you pack for a trip to keep everything smelling fresh.  Dryer sheets are even said to repel mosquitos so although not attractive, you could put a sheet around your belt to keep pests away. I wrote an article on how to clean lovebugs off your car and dryer sheets were suggested.

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