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TOMS + The Row – Now Available – Limited Edition Collection – Made with cashmere and Italian Wool. This collection will only be available till August 19, 2011 so don’t miss your chance!
Imagine TOMS Shoes but on a whole other level. No longer are these the TOMS that your expect in canvas but these TOMS part of the ROMS Collection are made of cashmere and Italian Wool! Have you heard the news that the ROW also known as the brand the Olsen Twins created has collaborated with TOMS Shoes! As always the ROW Collection is part of the TOMS One for One so a pair of shoes is given to a child in need for every pair you buy.
Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have long been known for their impact on the world of fashion. They have been in the spotlight for the fashion choices they make. Their looks often become the latest trend. They have also designed for their own lines. Their latest project is to collaborate with Blake Mycoskie, the founder of TOMS shoes, and create a collection that dresses up the original TOMS espadrille.

The Olsen twins created their fashion line named “The Row” in 2007. It was named after London’s Savile Row. Savile Row is a shopping street in central London famous for its traditional men’s tailoring. The style of the line is sophisticated and elegant with simple, luxurious lines. They will be bringing some of this luxury to the shoes at TOMS. The basic canvas shoe TOMS is known for will be dressed up with higher-end materials. The collection will be available in plaid, wool, cashmere, and herringbone and will retail between $98 and $150 dollars. The new TOMS the ROW Collection is now available. All this is part of the Toms Shoes Fall Collection check out all the new styles.

The Row Collection for a limited time till August 19, 2011

Italian wool and cashmere blends join together for comfort and natural beauty. This unexpected, limited collaboration marries The Row’s always-respectful nod to bespoke tradition and desire for modern clean lines with TOMS’ classic silhouette.

The Shoes in the Row Shoe Collection include

  • Lining made of 100% lamb leather for soft, breathable comfort
  • Black suede insole with cushion for comfort and refined finish
  • Latex arch insert for added support
  • One-piece outsole for flexibility and durability


TOMS The Row’s Alexandri Classic Shoes

Price $140

TOMS + The Row for Alexandria Classic is made with Italian wool and cashmere for luxurious comfort and natural beauty

TOMS The Row’s Hayden Classic Shoes

Price $140

TOMS + The Row for Hayden Classic is made with Italian wool and cashmere for luxurious comfort and natural beauty

TOMS The Row’s Larry Classic Shoes

Price $150

TOMS + The Row for Larry Classic is made with Italian wool and cashmere for luxurious comfort and natural beauty

Mary-Kate and Ashley wanted to collaborate with TOMS because they were inspired by the company’s charity mission. Since TOMS began in 2006, their mission has been to give. While traveling in Argentina, Blake Mycoskie noticed that many children didn’t have shoes to wear. His desire to help was the starting point for his company TOMS. He took the Argentine alpargata and brought it to the United States. He then started the “one for one” program. Whenever a pair of shoes is purchased from TOMS, a pair will be donated to a child in need. Children need shoes to protect against disease, injury, and infection. If children are healthy, they are more likely to be successful students. Healthy, well-educated children can make a positive effect on the community where they live. With Mary-Kate and Ashley becoming a part of this, a little piece of high-end fashion can be given to the average consumer. Consumers can make a choice to become part of the movement. Everyday choices can improve the lives of children, and a customer can become a benefactor.

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