Toms Shoes Fall Collection 2012

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The TOMS Shoes Fall Collection for 2011 is available! If you thought TOMS had some great styles for Summer 2011 then Fall 2011 will not disappoint. Toms Shoes Fall 2011 Collection, we did a run down for you of all the new amazing styles.There is nothing better than a new pair of TOMS Shoe for enjoying the new school year!

We love to see how many styles TOMS add for the TOMS Shoes Fall 2011 Collection. TOMS offers so many types of choices. TOMS is not just canvas shoes, but now for the Fall there are choices like Heringbone, Tweed. Not just that remember TOMS is not just a shoe company but a ONE for One Company. For every pair of TOMS shoes you purchase, a pair is given to a child in need.  Shop for Womens shoes at TOMS!

Here is just a little taste of what you will find on these TOMS special fall collection pages!

TOMS Shoes for Women Fall Collection……. perfect “Back-to-School” and fall shoes

  • Academy Plaid Womens Classics nothing stiff about this uniform-inspired Classic
  • Metallic Tweed Womens Classic showcasing rich texture with metallic highlights woven throughout
  • English Herringbone Women’s Classics Classic pattern for classic comfort
  • Metallic Woven Women’s Classics: Blue, Gold and Pewter  perfect for when you’re ready for the spotlight
  • Dare to Teach Women’s Vegan Classics: Both a reminder to never stop learning and teaching
  • Calculus 101 Women’s Vegan Classics: Featuring the universal language of mathematics.
  • Hand Drawn Dots Women’s Vegan Classics: ring out your creative side this Fall in Hand Drawn Dots Classics.
  • Black Canvas Women’s Cordones: Camel, Mustard, and Bottle Green  perfect fabric for the changing seasons: familiar softness and rich color…
  • Houndstooth Women’s Classics: Show. Stopper. twist on a traditional weave of houndstooth.Available in two colors, Scottish and Burgundy
  • Women’s Wedges – four new colors and styles to add to your TOMS Wedges collection including Metallic Tweed, Black Cord Wrap, Camel Cord Wrap and Mustard Cord Wrap
  • Three new cordones colors – English Heringbone Women’s Cordones, Gold Metallic Woven Women’s Cordones and Green Metallic Woven Women’s Cordones
  • Artists Collection: Just shy of hypnotizing, the Gabriel Lacktman Spiral Classics available in Red and Black
  • Shop for Womens shoes at TOMS!

NEW TOMS Women's Styles





TOMS Shoes for Men 2011 Fall Collection…….

  • Cord Men’s Classics: available in three colors:Red, Grey and Black
  • TOMS Woolen Men’s Classics in 3 colors, Grey, Black and Auburn Wool construction and fleece lining make for one cozy Fall
  • Hand Drawn Plaid Men’s Vegan Classics: a simple plaid drawing with subtle detailing over ash grey canvas,
  • Flying Machines Men’s Classics: “A single idea can spark a movement.” A nod to a history of innovation. Flying Machine Classics.
  • Calculus 101 Men’s Vegan Classics: Featuring the universal language of mathematics.
  • Dare to Teach Men’s Vegan Classics: Both a reminder to never stop learning and teaching
  • Burgundy Houndstooth Men’s Classics: Show. Stopper. twist on a traditional weave of houndstooth
  • Shop for Mens shoes at TOMS!

TOMS Shoes Men's Style




Also check for additional savings on your TOMS Shoes. Coupons for TOMS Shoes for fall can save you money. Check for TOMS Coupons and other value added offers from TOMS. TOMS for Fall 2011 is here to stay so lets enjoy the style and our Toms Shoes! TOMS is more than a shoe company they have started a One for One movement won’t you join?!

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