TOMS Shoes Summer Collection for Women is here

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TOMS Summer StyleTOMS Shoes just released their new line of Summer shoes! We have said it before and we will say it again TOMS are the perfect travel shoe. Not only are they comfortable but they are light and easy to pack and easy to clean! The TOMS Shoes Summer collection is now here! For women TOMS added so many different styles and colors that I don’t know where to start! And don’t forget sometimes there are TOMS Coupons available for an additional savings. Don’t forget to always check for TOMS valuer added offers and coupons for toms. Shop for Womens shoes at TOMS!

Here are the new TOMS Classics for Women additions……

  • Pink and Blue Leopard Vegan ClassicsPink and Blue Leopard Vegan Classics print which run $54. Simple leopard print over pink linen for a delightfully different look. With breathable construction to keep paws cool as you prowl around this Summer, Pink Linen Leopard Classics. These TOMS are $54
  • Next up ladies TOMS has a Sunset Womens Classic that has a unique pattern with deep orange, purple and brown. Featuring an image from Dan Eldon’s journal, the Sunset Classics capture that awe-inspiring moment people share the world over. Discover new horizons this Summer in the Sunset Classics.Vegan friendly, using no animal products. These are $54.
  • Neon Green Crochet Women’s Classics are unlike any TOMS I have every seen Ready for sunny escapes, the breezy Crochet Classics. So comfortable, you’ll forget you’re wearing shoes. But unique enough, no one else will. Stay cool this Summer in Crochet Classics the totally breathable TOMS – I have got to get a pair of these! These TOMS run $58
  • Red Women's ClassicsBottle Green and Coral Linen Women’s Classics: Not too loud, and plenty soft, Linen Classics. Adding the balance of subtle texture and color to your Summer palette. Find simple beauty everywhere you go this season in Linen Classics. These TOMS run $48
  • Pink Linen Women's ClassicsPink Linen Women’s Classics:Not too loud, and plenty soft, Linen Classics. Adding the balance of subtle texture and color to your Summer palette. Find simple beauty everywhere you go this season in Linen Classics. These TOMS run $48
  • Brown Stripe Rope Sole Women’s Classics:For those unpredictable summer escapes, the Brown Stripe Rope Sole Brown Stripe Rope Sole Women's ClassicsClassics have the versatility you need. With subtle stripes and traditional rope sole construction, you’re covered for a day under the sun, or an evening out. This style also comes in a Grey Striped version of the shoe. These TOMS Shoes run $54. Shop for Womens shoes at TOMS!

New Stichouts for Women and Cordones ……..

  • Red Bimini Women’s Stitchouts: Stitchouts aren’t just for guys anymore – introducing the new Bimini Stitchouts, inspired by a life at sea. Bold stitching and lightweight construction provide the comfort you want for all your Summer adventures. These run $58. I love these! My new boat shoes!
  • Black Canvas Women's CordonesBlack Canvas Women’s Cordones: Back to basics, the Black Canvas Cordones. Simplicity is always in season. Good to go with or without laces. Finally it is not just for the guys – thank you TOMS! Cordones are my favorite shoe from TOMS. These TOMS are $69. Shop for Womens shoes at TOMS!

For you TOMS Shoes Wedges lovers here is what is new……

  • Linen Pinstripe Women’s Wedges: Subtly eye-catching, the refined Linen Pinstripe Wedge. The simple blend of light neutrals transitions easily from lunch with friends to dinner under the stars… Step up to new experiences this Summer in the Linen Pinstripe Wedge. These TOMS Shoes Wedges run $69
  • Yellow Nautical Stripe Women's WedgesYellow Nautical Stripe Women’s Wedges: Simple, vibrant, the Yellow Nautical Stripe Wedge. Featuring a cork wedge for a polished finish. Turn heads this Summer in the undeniably charming Yellow Nautical Stripe Wedge. These are perfect for the summer! These TOMS Shoes Wedges run $69
  • Ash Canvas Women’s Wedges: To complement any Summer style, the Ash Canvas Wedge.Heel-height is 3 1/4” – TOMS classic suede insole with cushion for comfort. Soft suede heel insert for added comfort,Durable solid rubber outsole with “One for One” script design
  • Coral Canvas Women's WedgesCoral Canvas Women’s Wedges: For a subtle pop that goes with anything, the Coral Canvas Wedge. Designed to breathe new life into your Summer style. Explore new depths, and heights, this Summer in the Coral Canvas Wedge. These TOMS Shoes Wedges run $69
  • Ivory Grossgrain Women's WedgesIvory Grossgrain Women’s Wedges: Stand Tall on your wedding day. Ivory grosgrain wedge wrap for a simple yet elegant statement. Graceful and comfortable day to night, the Ivory Grosgrain Wedge. These TOMS Shoes Wedges run $69. Shop for Womens shoes at TOMS!

New in TOMS Botas for Women …….

  • Linen Pinstripe Women’s Botas: Simplicity for casual summer escapes, Linen Pinstripe Botas. Friend to denim and fun colors alike, the versatility of the Linen Pinstripe Botas lets you travel wherever this Summer takes you… Good to go with or without laces. $69
  • Sand Suede Women's BotasSand Suede Women’s Botas: Where soft meets supportive, Sand Suede Botas. Capturing a gentle boldness that’s comfortable anywhere you decide to escape… Kick up some dust this Summer. Good to go with or without laces.

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