Men’s TOMS Shoes Summer Collection 2011

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TOMS Summer StylesTOMS Shoes has released their new line of Mens Summer shoes! Guys they are some amazing new styles available for 2011 that are not to be missed. We give you a run down of TOMS Shoes Summer collection! For Men TOMS 11 new designs and different fabric styles for you to choose from. Sometimes there are TOMS Coupons available for an additional savings. Don’t forget to always check for TOMS value added offers and coupons for toms. Shop for Mens shoes at TOMS!

Here are the new TOMS Classics additions……

  • Grey Stripe Rope Sole Men’s Classics print which run $54. For that “Where’s my cabana?” look, the Grey Stripe Rope Sole Classics. Featuring traditional rope sole and simple stripes for a low-key design that adapts to any Summer escapades. Also available in Brown Stripe Rope sole Men’s Classics
  • TOMS Sunset Men's Vegan ClassicsNext up is TOMS Sunset Men’s Vegan Classics that has a unique pattern with deep orange, purple and brown. Featuring an image from Dan Eldon’s journal, the Sunset Classics capture that awe-inspiring moment people share the world over. Discover new horizons this Summer in the Sunset Classics.. These are $54.
  • Gabriel Lacktman Safari Stencil Men's ClassicsGabriel Lacktman Safari Stencil Men’s Classics: Hand painted by artist Gabriel Lacktman, palm fronds over natural canvas suggest a tropical safari. Explore the wild this Spring in the Gabriel Lacktman Safari Stencil Classics. These TOMS Shoes are $64
  • Tyler Ramsey Hand Painted Black Men's ClassicsTyler Ramsey Hand Painted Black Men’s Classics: Back with a new safari-inspired colorway, perfect for abstract adventures this Spring and Summer. These TOMS Shoes are $68. There is also Tyler Ramsey Hand Painted Black Men’s Classics. Shop for Mens shoes at TOMS!New Stichouts for Men and Cordones ……..
    • Navy Bimini Men’s Stitchouts: Even if you’re not exploring the ocean, the Bimini’s sail-inspired cotton upper and drawstring say you just did. And that it was comfortable… Chart the uncharted this Summer in the Navy Bimini Stitchouts. These run $64. Sure to be the boat shoes of the summer! Also available in Khaki Bimini Men’s Stitchouts
    • Rust Hemp Men’s Cordones: Bold rust-colored hemp and classic Argentine rope sole for a traditional take on Cordones. Head out and weave your Summer story. Good to go with or without laces. These TOMS are $69. Shop for Mens shoes at TOMS!

    New in TOMS Botas for Men …….

    • Charcoal Chambray Men’s Botas: The softest Botas yet, the Charcoal Chambray Botas. Whether you’re heading for the hills or trekking across the desert, escape in casual comfort. Good to go with or without laces. $69 This TOMS Botas Style is also available in Grey Chambray.

    Save money on TOMS Shoes for Men with one of the TOMS Coupons that we offer on our site. At times, TOMS may offer value added buys and coupon offers. TOMS Shoes is a One for One company. For every pair of TOMS that you purchase TOMS Shoes will donate a pair of specially crafted TOMS to a child in need. TOMS is more than a shoe company they have started a One for One movement. For every product you buy from TOMS including T-shirts and jewelry TOMS gives a pair of shoes to a poor child. TOMS is the Ultimate feel good purchase – get yourself a pair of shoes and help a child get a pair of shoes! Shop for Mens shoes at TOMS!

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