Sports and Outdoor Safety for Kids

| May 14, 2011 | 0 Comments

kids riding bikes and roller bladingIf your kids are participating on a sport team or just playing in the neighborhood, make sure you take steps to keep them safe and free from injury.

A helmet is important if they are playing engaging in sports such as inline skating, skateboarding, hockey, football, baseball, softball and bike riding.  When choose a helmet for bike riding, look for a sticker that shows the product meets the Consumer Product Safety Commission standards. (CPSC). The helmet should fit snugly but comfortable. Make sure it does not tilt towards the front or back.

Protect their eyes from the sun and injury with sun glasses, facemasks or goggles if appropriate for the sport they are playing.  If your child wears prescription glasses, you will need to purchase prescription goggles as well.  Be prepared for a bit of an expense – my daughters googles ran close to $200 but she has been able to play and see clearly and avoid injury.

Mouth guards are important for contact sports.  You can buy them at a sports good store or have them fitted by a dentist.  If your child has a retainer, do not let them wear while playing sports. If your child has braces the orthodontist can suggest what to use.

Guards for wrist, knees and elbows would be needed for skating, hockey or skateboarding.

Boys would should wear a protective cup for basketball, soccer, football and any other contact sport.

The right shoes are also key.  Ask a coach or at the sporting goods store what footwear is best for the activity your child is doing.  A sneaker for playing tennis would be very different from one that is wear to play soccer or skateboarding.


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