Baby Jogger City Mini Review

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How Your Stroller Reviews Helped Baby Jogger

Are you a new parent overwhelmed with all the choices when it comes to choosing baby gear? You’re not alone. When moms just like you finally narrow their pick to a stroller or two, they still find it difficult to decide since one product can’t fill your every wish.

Today companies are ever more competitive to not only get your attention but to win your heart and trust. To lay your precious baby down in their latest stroller model, companies are actually LISTENING to their customers when things aren’t right. That doesn’t seem to happen often enough, now does it?

Today let’s explore how the Baby Jogger Company responded to the power of reviews.

You can go back through the reviews and read them for yourself: parents writing in with complaints about their Baby Jogger City Mini strollers. While ratings for this sporty-looking stroller were quite good overall, time and again moms and dads didn’t like the slouchy seat and wanted a more upright back rest. That’s not so much to expect, right? Children should actually be comfortable and enjoy riding in this rather expensive stroller.

Then the creativity started. A mother from Las Vegas wrote back in mid-2009 that she had secured a strap to the back of her City Mini to hold it more upright – she even sent in photos of a bright, sky-blue nylon strap that she secured between the handles to hold her child upright. It was unbelievable, but lots of feedback showed that parents found her advice helpful.

In early 2010, Hillary from Orange County advised to cut an insert out of a cardboard box and slip it inside the seat back. She said it helped her fussy baby. At the time she wrote this, Baby Jogger thought it would be a good idea to sell a separate insert and if you have an older model that slouches, this solves the problem.

Baby Jogger City MiniFast forward to the release of the 2011 model. The Baby Jogger City Mini now boasts a nice strong back supported seat as well as the addition of Velcro straps to pull the seat into a more upright position. I tested out a City Mini myself and it feels firm yet padded with cushion. Current reviews reflect this change quite positively though one helpful review states that fastening the Velcro for only two inches of more upright angle isn’t quite worth the hassle.

Baby Jogger took the complaints further and applied it to another model, the multiple award-winning City Select. This fantastic upscale convertible stroller now has a better seat padding and back support and an additional 1″ depth to give more room to bigger riders.

Mommies don’t want a stroller where their baby isn’t comfortable and enjoying the ride. This makes for a fussy baby and busy moms can’t get a whole lot done. Strollers are absolutely necessary in this regard, and when a parent is in the market for purchasing a new one, the reviews from others who have actually used these strollers are gold, not only to the customer, but for the company to make a better product.

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