Things to Buy on Sale in December

| November 26, 2023 | 62 Comments

It’s here: the biggest shopping month of the year! The holidays are here, and so are the deals! For bargain hunters and savvy shoppers, December is one of the best times of the year to score major savings on gifts, holiday goods, experiences, electronics, cold-weather apparel, and more. Retailers are slashing prices left and right in an attempt to hit their targets before the new year. From Black Friday to New Year’s Day – it’s weeks of non-stop sales. Whether you still need to check some names off your gift list or want to treat yourself while prices are low, get ready to shop because we’ve rounded up the very best sales to take advantage of this month. Here’s the list of things that are on sale in December:

  • Thanksgiving items. Since Thanksgiving dinner foods can also be enjoyed as part of your Christmas dinner, it makes sense to take advantage of low prices on turkeys, boxed stuffing, cranberry sauce, and other holiday groceries. You can also pick up turkey-themed plates and napkins for a song; either use these for casual lunches this month (less cleanup!) or put a stash aside for next year’s Thanksgiving.
  • Jewelry. Are you planning on getting someone a pair of diamond earrings or a ring with a precious stone? The prices won’t be quite as low as during non-gift-giving seasons, but you might be able to get a good bargain.
  • Televisions. You’ll see steep discounts on Black Friday, but the low prices will come back after the middle of the month.
  • Christmas decor. A few days before and certainly the days after Christmas, you’ll be able to grab ornaments, garland, gingerbread houses, creches, tablecloths, and other holiday decorations for extremely low prices.
  • Bicycles. Unless you live in one of the Southern states, chances are that you’re not riding bikes right now. The prices are slashed in order to keep inventory moving. Consider purchasing now and storing it for a springtime birthday or one of the spring holidays!
  • Groceries. Citrus fruits are in season right now, and prices of oranges, grapefruits, and lemons are low. Also, nuts are on sale for holiday parties. You can stock up on these because they will last for a long time. You can also get great deals on boxed chocolates. Even if you don’t want to use them right now, you can put some aside for chocolate indulgences in the new year! Look for BOGO deals and shop the stores’ app before you head out.
  • Online Classes. This year, we discovered that online cooking classes can be great for a date night or have the whole family cook with you.
  • Subscriptions: Audible, Spotify Premium, Instacart, or Shipt is a good gift idea this year.

While you can find great sales all month, you’ll find the best ones after December 15th and right after Christmas because retailers are trying to push out the old inventory before the new year.

The flurry of holiday sales extends through the end of December, which means there’s still ample time to shop and save. As each year comes to a close, retailers move aggressively to clear out inventory before the next cycle begins. Take advantage of this time-sensitive opportunity to purchase items you’ll actually use throughout the next year. Remember to employ smart shopping strategies – make lists, compare prices across retailers, read the fine print on discounts, and leverage coupons or cash back when possible. Follow these tips and enjoy the very merriest of deals this holiday season!

Have you found any excellent bargains for December that you’d like to share with our readers?

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  1. Lana says:

    great list thsnks

  2. Fran says:

    Looking for good tablet deals

  3. Rust says:

    What a helpful list! I’ve been seeing TV prices going down down …now I need a great price on a Kindle Fire …I missed the one for 129 on Cyber Monday!

  4. Kelvin Justine says:

    December is really the biggest SALE event every year!

  5. Kelvin Justine says:

    Actually a real bargain lies around your house waiting for you to pick up and give to those less fortunate. Lets make the best out of things that we have by sharing it to others.

  6. Minh says:

    thanks now i know what to buy on dec

  7. Jolene Duran says:

    I love seeing these lists. It makes everything more handy when I go shopping with a list. Especially on a small budget.

  8. Bonnie says:

    You can get the best of everything. Somobe always has a sales especially something I need

  9. Liza says:

    You can score a lot of great deals during this month.

  10. Karen Glatt says:

    I did not know that Jewelry is a great buy in December. I think maybe because Christmas time loved ones buy each other jewelry. I know that I always love getting jewelry for Christmas!

  11. Chrystal D says:

    I never thought about the fruits…thanks for this!

  12. Gina Reedy says:

    Helpful idea! Thanks!

  13. Debra Givens Wagner says:

    This is a great list, I will use it thanks

  14. Elena says:

    Thanks for sharing! I didn’t know that jewelry is cheaper this time of the year

  15. pisa l. says:

    Thanks for this info now i know i can plan for next year.

  16. kay says:

    thank you for this i know what is a good deal and what to look for

  17. Tammi Bivans says:

    Great List of Items! Thank you for the tips!

  18. Brenda Burgess says:

    Great holiday shopping gift ideas

  19. Ginger Kay says:

    Great list. In the grocery store, it always seems like the baking items are on sale now. It’s a good time to stock up on those for the winter months ahead. January and February need cookies, too.

  20. Alex says:

    I’ve been on the lookout for a tv, great ideas!

  21. Christy Scott says:

    I missed my chance at a Black Friday television…glad to know I’ll get another chance soon!

  22. Chavonne H says:

    Great ideas. I think it’s very smart to buy holiday items the day after for the following year, talk about saving lots of money!!

  23. Karina Lee says:

    thank you for this post!!

  24. denise smith says:

    im looking for great tablets and laptop deals

  25. Kathleen says:

    This is GREAT advice! Thank you for listing it! I just may be in for a new bike!

  26. wga says:

    nice tips. thanks for sharing.

  27. Kristi Cartwright says:

    What a great post! I am just discovering your site and really like this series of monthly posts. Thanks for compiling! 🙂

  28. Eileen says:

    OH, How CONVENIENT that Jewelry is a good deal in DECEMBER! ;););0

    Been leaving hints! After 6 kids I am finally thinking I deserve a little bit of sparkle maybe!

    Great post. I will be looking each month is you do this. We miss all the sales and then usually go without.

  29. william saylor says:

    Great list to go with.

  30. Olya Shem says:

    I’m terrible at planning ahead. Thanks for the reminder. I always remember about the after Christmas sales BEFORE Christmas next year!

  31. Wendy T says:

    Great list. Like others have said, this is the first I’ve seen of this on your site but I’ll be looking each month. Thank you.

  32. Kristy K says:

    I love reading about where to find the best deals. Thanks so much.

  33. Jenn says:

    I love getting holiday deals the day after. Better than black friday deals on some items

  34. Dorothy Boucher says:

    I love getting a great deal and more so at the holiday’s , money is really tight this year so thanks for all your info 😉

  35. william saylor says:

    Thanks for the list

  36. pamela says:

    thanks for the information, helps to pick up extra thats on sale to put back for birthdays too..

  37. kimberly smith allen says:

    It’s great to have a reminder list of bargains to look for. Thank you!

  38. Shannon Byrd says:

    Thanks for letting me know. This was very helpful

  39. I live in a tourist town. We have a boardwalk and amusement piers. Our piers have season passes that if bought in December you ccan get the greatest discount, $260.00 where regular price is $450.00. After Christmas that price will go up but still not to full price it will most likely go to $350.00 through to Easter Sunday. Easter Monday the passes will be full price. So all the locals children know that under the tree there will be their season pass. 🙂

  40. Nikkie Cossairt says:

    This is a great list! I think I will be doing a little extra shopping this month. Thanks for the tips.

  41. Christi-TX says:

    Thank you for all the ideas–maybe there is hope for me yet

  42. Cujo says:

    Thanks for the list. I didn’t know that fruit woulb be a deal in December

  43. patrice says:

    I’d love a yearly list of what to buy and when.

  44. Gina Demaree says:

    I have seen a ton of unbelievable sales on amazon! I think, while they’re on sale for December, we will buy our kids all the LOTR dvd’s.

  45. Terri Betz says:

    Thanks for these lists! I have learned some that I did not know before! It really pays to watch and keep track of what’s on sale when! That way I can plan ahead for my purchases! Great info!

  46. Crystal Irvin says:

    Thanks for this list, we are waiting to buy a new car til february hopefully, keep your fingers crossed for us

  47. Lydia says:

    Smart idea on the bikes. I already bought one in the summer but should have waited.

  48. Sacha Schroeder says:

    Thanks for the ideas!

  49. Yvette says:

    Went and got me a new laptop
    ty for your ideas

  50. Tammy Hamilton says:

    Thank you for all the helpful tips!!!

  51. Yona says:

    I didnt know about the citrus fruits being in season during this time.

  52. Karen Glatt says:

    I find a lot of these items to buy in December interesting. I heard from a number of people that waiting to buy a TV in January that you will find a better deal. I sure have seen a lot of TV’s this month on sale for very little money!

  53. sherry b says:

    Love to shop after Christmas for my B-day, Dec. 30! Thanks for the chance to win.

  54. Kami Dumis says:

    I would love to buy clearance Christmas ball ornaments to make wreaths to give away for next year! I am already stalking the stores.

  55. Mary says:

    What a great site! Thanks for sharing!

  56. Vonnie says:

    I will definitely be getting a bike when it goes on sale. It seems like I can never keep one running year after year b/c the kids ride them like crazy during the summer.

  57. Vanessa D. says:

    Thank you for the info!

  58. Jennifer Johansen says:

    I had no idea about the citrus fruits! It *is* my favorite time to eat oranges, though. 🙂

  59. ANN*H says:

    This is a great list of things. I know usually after Christmas some things are cheaper to buy . I didnt think about citrus fruits being cheaper now. Thats good to know because I love fruit.
    Good to keep this handy when needing to buy something. Sure helps alot. Thanks

  60. Chrystal D says:

    Thanks for this list! I need a new tv!

  61. Suzanne Shattuck says:

    I knew some of these but groceries surprised me. I suppose with all of the holiday dinners in Dec it makes sense.

  62. essijay says:

    awesome information, thanks for sharing!
    I was going to buy my kid a bike for christmas, but a relative beat me to it – either way, he won’t be riding it in the 13-degree weather here in Illinois but he’ll have it for spring!
    Just today I got 2 boxes of Hallmark brand greeting cards for 75% off (paid $7 instead of $28) and I was super thrilled about that. Also I bought 2 bars of Ghirardelli peppermint bark for less than $3 and an assortment of Christmas cookies. They taste just as good as any other cookies and we like red and green sprinkles anyway! Also bought some red and green colored tortilla chips – we eat lots of those with taco salads and rice/bean dishes and so $1.25 instead of $2.50 is always a good idea.
    Our family doesn’t do anything special for Thanksgiving, nor do we do jewelry or tv-related purchases so those things don’t benefit us. But we do eat lots of nuts and I tend to buy oranges when they’re on sale to make juice, so I’ll be keeping an eye out for deals on those.

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