Renting Toys Online instead of Buying them

| December 6, 2011 | 1 Comment

baby playing with toysI am always amazed of the businesses that are born out of a bad economy. There is a new business model in place when it comes to toys. Have you heard of the Netflix of toys? Oh yes, it does exist and just in time for the holiday season! How would you feel about renting toys for your little ones rather than buying them? This program is not for everyone, it seems like the toys available are only for infants, preschool and elementary ages kids There are different plays available based on how many toys you want to receive and that decides how much it costs you every month or every other month. The cheapest option we saw started at about twenty-five dollars. If you child falls in love with a toy you rent you do have the option to buy the toy. My question is are these toys cleaned? The idea grosses me out of my small child playing with a used toy but all the companies that rent these toys say that the carefully sanitize the toys before shipping them out.

No matter what the holiday might be, it is a great idea to rent a toy for your child next time they ask you to get them a toy they saw on TV and want. Think of how practical this is compared to buying a toy you know the kid won’t want to play with except for the first week. Why buy a toy when renting it is cheaper and saves you the hassle of having to throw away toys that aren’t played with past the first couple of days? The economy is getting worse, and you need a solution that is practical and saves you money when it comes to the recreation for the kids. With certain program out today, all you have to do is pay monthly membership fee and the service takes care of shipping and cleaning the toys, so all you have to do is wait for delivery and enjoy the toys. If you or your child happens to miss any pieces to the toy, you can pay a missing piece fee and not have to worry about anything else.

You can expect to pay anywhere from $25 for the lowest plan, to $55 for the plan that has you with 8 toys and a lot of fun on your schedule! Now you won’t have to worry about toys cluttering your home too much, and you can save hundreds of dollars on your newly found service that is more practical and keeps your home cleaner and safer. Imagine how many people slip and fall from toys that are left around the home. This isn’t a good thing, and this is why companies now allow you to rent toys and kiss toy ownership goodbye. I think that it is a really go idea especially for people on a budget. It’s becoming less and less of an ownership world, and instead one that is based on the renting principle, which is great and has less of a hassle when it comes to dealing with toys especially. You shouldn’t have to spend most of your Sunday cleaning up the house when you don’t have to. If toys are a hassle to shop for on black Friday (as is the case for anyone who has kids most likely), try out some great renting sites like,, to find great toys that are for kids up to 5 years old in most cases.

Now you can have access to educational toys for your child while saving lots of money as well. What is better than that? Would you ever try out a service like this for your family?

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  1. Jenny says:

    really? but wouldn’t you have to worry about germs & sickness’s & all that stuff?

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