Fashion Gives Back with Glamour and TOMS

| December 7, 2011 | 0 Comments

TOMS fashion gives backWe are all aware that the Fashion industry is the single biggest influence of style trends worldwide. Yet, many people are unaware that Fashion has been giving back to the community for many years. This year, a major player in the Fashion industry, Glamour will be teaming up with the TOMS brand and various other companies just to raise funds for those who are less fortunate; however, TOMS cannot help the less fortunate all by themselves, which is why they are using their very intriguing and addictive fashion items to help. Not only can you help these humanitarian organizations but you can also save money off your purchase buy using TOMS Coupons.

How does the Fashion Gives Back initiative work?  Glamour has just teamed up with very famous brand TOMS, and this year happens to be the sixth Fashion gives back project. This initiative actually celebrates the top 5 supermodels in the entire world; all of which are making a pretty big difference around the entire globe. Every single time a person like you purchases a pair of shoes in the limited edition collection, TOMS will actually give a new pair to a child that isn’t capable to buy one themselves. Furthermore, both Glamour and TOMS will give an extra $2.50 every sale, and in total $5 every time a pair of limited edition shoes are purchased. The money will actually benefit all of the humanitarian organizations that were chosen by all of the supermodels. It is truly a great and smart way to give back to the community and all you need to do to help is to purchase a pair of the limited edition shoes.

Who are the models that are giving back? The five models are Liya Kebede, Amber Valletta, Kyleigh Kuhn, Elettra Wiedemann, and Tao Ocamoto. Liya Kebede’s charity initiative is all about saving children and mothers lives from maternal health care. Amber Valletta’s charity initiative is all about delivering safe and clean drinking water for the people that live in nations that are still developing. Kyleigh Kuhn’s charity initiative is to eradicate landmines around the entire world and by also to rehabilitate the lands and make them more productive. Elettra Wiedemann’s charity initiative is to motivate people to give at least a day of their time, service, or salary to a project that needs their help. While Tao Ocamoto’s charity initiative is to provide humanitarian aid for people that are currently suffering from societal disputes or natural disasters. All of the models charity initiatives can really make our world a better place, and all you need to do is buy a pair of the limited edition shoes from TOMS. Fashion Gives Back – TOMS + Glamour Limited Edition Shoes

How many limited edition shoes are there and what do they look like? There are three limited edition shoes to choose from, and all of which have the native alpargata design that TOMS is well known for retailing. All of the shoes are nicely designed, but the best part is that you can receive the limited edition shoes that will be helping those that are less fortunate also, use a TOMS Coupon Code and save money!  So essentially, if you really want to help TOMS, Glamour, and all the models above to be able to help more people, then you should really consider buying one of those limited edition shoes from TOMS.

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