Most Unique Pet Names in 2013

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max4Tiger, Buster, Max, Buddy, Poohbear, Taz, Cookie, TJ, Lucky, Daisy, Mickey, Bear, Crush, Copper, Daffy, Drew Kitty and Skipper Tom are some of the pet names our family has used.  We had several pets grace our home over the years including a few dogs, several cats, turtles, parakeets, hamsters, gold fish and even ducks. One cat my sister and I named Candy, only to find when we went to neuter her that we had to change the name to Andy because it was a “he.”  Not sure why we didn’t look more closely.  That’s Max pictured here to the right.  His official name is Maximus which fits him because he is a small dog, but with big attitude.

Apparently, our name selections were very conservative compared to the annual list put out by VPI (Veterinary Pet Insurance Co.) of the wackiest dog and cat names of 2013.  We know that top baby name lists influence people, would you name your new pet any of these creative options? Some interesting ones for dogs include Bacon Bitz, Prince Harry Houdini, Yosemite Sam, Winnie the Poodle, Rico Suave and Astro  Boy.  Eightball, Eskimo Pie, Agador Spartacus and Flapjack made the top 50 cat list.  Below we’ve listed the top 9 for you.

Dogs Cats
Sir Knuckles da Dragon Cheeto Burrito
HotRod Whoofington Fuzzbutt
Captain Underpants Mama Pajama
Stinky Monkey Lady Fluffington
Taco Salad Nut Job
Dallas Cowdog Stinky Baby
Hunk Heartbreaker Doctor Whiskers
Ice Bingbing Rum Tum Tugger Too
Potato Chip Fatness

We all know that pets are a part of the family.  When choosing a name make sure that it reflects their personality and that is a name you can live with, because you are going to be saying his or her name often if it’s a dog or a cat. You can name your pet based on appearance such as Whiskers, Fluffy or Shaggy. Perhaps your favorite sports team or player or even after a celebrity.  If you have children, make sure that you brainstorm together so that everyone feels a part of the process.  I am a foodie, so my next pet has to be either after a Chef or maybe after a favorite ingredient or bottle of wine. How does guacamole, ginger, nutmeg, Morimoto, Giada, Pinot Noir or Mondavi sound?

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  1. Those are some unique pet names indeed. I have always given my pets people names, so I have three cats named Devin, Vincent, and Sylvia. Not super unique, but I like them.

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