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TOMS Shoes for Kids is the perfect compromise for kids and parents alike. As parents we have the constant struggle of not only our kids outgrowing their shoes quickly by getting their shoes dirty. We want to find not only a good value but a shoe that the kids want to wear. TOMS has been voted MVP shoe in our house. Now, TOMS Shoes for Kids do not light up or  come in neon colors like some of the competitors in the kids shoe market. TOMS Shoes are for the whole family! Did we mention TOMS shoes are washable? Oh yes, just rinse them off or put your TOMS in the washer and the kids shoes are ready to go!

TOMS has two different age groups for shoes. First there is TINY TOMS which is for babies starting at size ten and going up to size thirteen. The next category for kids shoes are the TOMS shoes for Youth. TOMS Youth shoes collection includes nine canvas styles for boys and girls. They are all available online and exclusively with Stride Rite retailers across the US.

Lets not forget the entire premise of TOMS and how we can teach our children to give back. You can teach your children that by buying something from the TOMS Youth collection, their purchase helps other kids in need. TOMS has been giving youth-sized shoes to kids in need since 2006. TOMS understands how important it is for kids to share in the One for One movement. TOMS offers kits for kids birthday parties where they decorate their own pair of TOMS, and teach future generations to give back and do good for others.

TINY TOMS for Youth

TOMS Shoes has a special line of shoes for the youth called Tiny Toms ranging from sizes 2 to 11 ½. Tiny Toms come in a variety of designs and colors. Some designs even include unique embroidery, such as small elephants, or even peace signs and silver sparkles. There are also colorful plaid shoes or even camouflage for a spunky little boy or girl. There are reds, blues, whites, browns, oranges, pinks and many more for customers to choose from!

Tiny Toms have a few ways to be clasped onto the child’s foot. They either have a Velcro closure to make it easy for the young ones to get them on and off, or, there are some that have a hook and loop closure that is also very manageable. All of Toms’ shoes include the classic suede insole with a cushion for comfort, and also a brand new one – piece outsole for even more flexibility and durability, able to withstand all the fun and adventures the children have in store for them. These added features make these shoes very comfortable and well worth their very affordable price. Not only is the customer buying a shoe for their friend, son, daughter, or family member, but they are purchasing a pair of shoes for a child somewhere out there in the world that has literally never owned a pair of shoes in their lifetime.


  • Tiny TOMS Classics – which come in many patterns including Paisley
  • Bimini Tiny TOMS – hot new style, perfect TINY Boat shoe
  • Canvas Tiny TOMS in five different colors and Camo pattern
  • Tie Dye Tiny TOMS for boys and girls
  • Sparkles Tiny TOMS – in three different colors

TOMS Shoes for Youth

TOMS Shoes for youth collection has many options for kids. TOMS Youth sizes start at y12 and go up to size y6. TOMS Youth have an elastic V for easy on and off so it will not crap their style. With TOMS Youth also expect the TOMS classic suede insole with rubber cushion for comfort.

TOMS Youth that are available

  • TOMS Youth Classics comes in adorable Paisley patterns, Faces, Earl Canvas, Journey is the Destination
  • Red and Navy Bimini Youth TOMS new to the TOMS Youth line and the boat shoe kids must have
  • Canvas Youth TOMS with patterns like blue animal, pink camo and blue leopard and 5 basic cavas colors
  • Sparkles Youth TOMS in four perfect colors
  • Tie Dye Denim Youth TOMS

TOMS Shoes for youth offers a style and choices to please the pickiest child!

Save money on your TOMS Shoes for Youth with TOMS Coupons. TOMS offer several coupon offers and special deals throughout the year. The price of TOMS Youth and Tiny TOMS is very affordable and you get great quality, customer service, and the knowledge that you are helping another child have shoes as well. TOMS Shoes are perfect for playtime, they can go anywhere and do anything thing your child does. They can go straight from church to lunch, to the playground. With every pair you purchase TOMS will give a pair of TOMS to a child in need. The One for One movement is what TOMS Shoes is all about!

Learn more about TOMS and show your kids how this company gives back! Make a difference in the life of a child and buy a pair of TOMS Shoes! Anyone can feel proud wearing their Toms knowing that another child’s life is also a little brighter!

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