E. coli Outbreak in Europe

| June 4, 2011 | 0 Comments

cucumbers and tomatoesCountries like Spain have experienced an outbreak of enterohemorrhagic E.coli bacteria on fresh fruit and vegetables. The bacteria also known as EHEC, is thought to have killed 18 people and left hundreds sick across Europe.  It was initially thought to have affected cucumbers, lettuce and tomatoes imported from Spain, but since then it seems they are not sure where the outbreak started.  What is known is that 12 countries have now reported cases linked to the lethal bacteria. Since the outbreak that started in May in Germany has cause more than 1700 severe cases and 19 deaths. The FDA is now testing all the produce that comes in from Europe for the bacteria.

How can you protect our family from such an outbreak?  Wash raw veggies and fruit in hot water before eating, also peel them if possible.  Cooking whether it be steaming, grilling, etc. will kill off the bacteria as well, so consider cooking vegetables.  Of course wash your hands frequently using antibacterial soap. Keep your sink clean and wash dish towels in hot water.  For more tips read out post Household Germs in Unexpected Places.

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