Blockbuster Free Trail for Netflix Customers

| July 18, 2011 | 0 Comments

Taking the family to the movies is quite expensive these days, which is why at home movie rentals has grown at such a rapid pace the past few years.  Netflix had a big share of this market, however their latest announcement to almost double their prices of DVD rentals, has started a social media outrage.  Customers have taken to Facebook and Twitter to vent, while competitors like Blockbuster seize the opportunity to gain back customers.  For a limited time, Blockbuster Total Access will offer new customers who switch over a 30-day free trial.  Blockbuster is also pointing out that they have benefits that Netflix doesn’t offer, like availability of new movie releases as much as 28 days before Netflix, as well as unlimited store exchanges, games for video consoles and Blu-ray movies at no additional charge.  After the free trial, customer will pay $9.99 to rent 1 movie at a time or $14.99 for 2 movies at a time. There is no limit to how many movies, tv shows or games you rent per month.  This special offer for Netflix customers is available through Sept. 15, 2011, in participating stores and at Blockbuster online.

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