Radiation from Ipad and Kindle?

| April 11, 2011 | 4 Comments

kindle, ipadEver since the disaster in Japan we have all been reminded of how we cannot control the elements in the environment that we are exposed to. Japan still fights to control their nuclear reactor and we have all seen how wind patterns have spread it all over the world. If you read Shopaholic Mommy last week you know that many posts were about some of the chemicals that are in our food unnecessarily. When the FDA calls an emergency meeting it is not to discuss something positive this past week it was about Food Dyes and Toxins in food. If you missed it I suggest you read the Unhealthy Truth about our food it is eye opening a scary to find out about our food supply.

Not only are we being exposed to bad things in our food but all the electronic devices in our home like Ipads and Kindles are exposing us to radiation. I can across this video that highlights just how much radiation we are exposing ourselves and our children to and how grounding technology can stop it. David Wolfe explains the serious problems associated with modern electrical devices…. but the solution is simpler than you think. He gives suggestions as to how you can rearrange your work space, sleeping environment, children’s rooms so that we limit our exposure to this dirty radiation. It is an interesting video – but do you believe in this grounding pad technology?

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  1. Diane Alexander says:

    Thank you, David. This is wonderful and scientific material. I have been worried about this for some time. Is the electric field equivalent to the radiation from these devices?
    I am running out to get some grounding pads today.

  2. bill bryant says:

    Hoew about RF radiation ?

  3. Orv Boston says:

    The general public is very poor at determining risks, especially when amateur scientists talk. For instance, spiders are not a high risk, flying is much safer than driving, nuclear power is much much safer than eating peanut butter. Even in Japan the damage from the demolished reactors have caused very little danger to the general public, despite what the fear and doom of the headlines suggest. The danger of salmonella in peanut butter is a bigger risk. The risk from a Kindle is negligible compared to millions of other risks you encounter. Generally people are gullible to fear and doom statements which is why why newspapers use the headlines they do to sell papers. There is a thing called double blind testing which you can generally believe. Don’t listen to the fear-mongers.

  4. julie says:

    hi where do I get grounding pads

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