Maximize Your Warehouse Club Membership

| May 16, 2011 | 0 Comments

70% OffMany of us take advantage of warehouse clubs to buy in bulk and save money, but most people sign up for a basic membership. Depending on your spending patterns, it might save you money to upgrade your membership.

BJ’s standard membership is $50 per year.  Their premium membership is $90 per year.  Once you upgrade, you get 2% rewards back, up to $500 per year.  Reward checks are mailed out twice per year.  So if you spend more than $375 per month, you would get your $90 reimbursed through the rewards program, and of course be eligible for another $410 in rewards as well.

Costco’s standard membership is also $50 per year, and they have the same 2% rewards program up to $500 per calendar year.  So if you spend more than $400 per month the Executive membership will pay for itself in store credit.

Sams Wholesale Club cost only $40 per month for the standard membership.  If you get their Discover card, you receive up to 1% cash back including purchases you make at Walmart.  If you upgrade to the $100 a year membership, you can earn up to 2% cash back with the discover Card including Walmart.  If you spend more than $450 per month using the Discover card the upgrade pays for itself.  So yo have the potential of earning unlimited cash back rewards BUT not everyone wants a new credit card.  With BJ’s and Costco you are not required to sign up for a credit card program.

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