Have you stopped using canned food?

| May 15, 2011 | 0 Comments

can of cornHave you stopped using canned foods? Since the answer is probably no – did you know that canned foods are lined with a big dose of BPA? Yes I know you have see all the BPA Free labels on bottles and plastics but, did you know it lines canned foods also? BPA is an estrogenic chemical that in laboratory studies have been linked to breast cancer and many more diseases.

The Breast Cancer Fund recently co-released a study showing that when families took BPA out of their diets by eliminating canned foods and using BPA-free food containers, they decreased the amount of BPA in their bodies by 60 percent on average.

Here is what we can do…….. We need to put pressure on the makers of canned food to stop using BPA.

The Breast Cancer Fund needs our help in spreading the word about BPA in canned foods and its harmful effects. The group is spearheading a drive to send messages to canned food companies, asking them to get BPA out of their cans. Help BCF reach its goal of 20,000 messages to each company by clicking here.

If you want to catch up on what has been going on in the food industry lately read…..Petition Kraft To Get Rid of Artificial Dyes, the book Unhealthy Truth, Canned Foods to Avoid with the most bpa phthalates, Toxins in Our Kids’ Foods, Do food dyes make kids hyperactive, and Canned Foods to Avoid with the most bpa phthalates should be enough for us to make a change in our food but luckily we have people like Jamie Oliver and Robyn O’Brien who are starting to uncover the truth about our food supply and what changes we can make to start a food revolution. How will you help?

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