National Nutrition Month

| May 26, 2011 | 0 Comments

father and child at breakfastMay is National Nutrition Month, and the American Dietetic Association is encouraging parents to teach children to eat healthy food at an early age. Introduce children to several different types of food. Also, try more than once. If they don’t like apples or broccoli at first, try a few more times before ruling out the food entirely. The most important thing you can do is offer your children as many new foods as possible, as early in life as possible. It takes much longer to accept new foods when you are older. Children model after their parents and family, so let them see you try the food first. Also try to avoid too much snacking, or the child will not be hungry at meal time. If they are hungry, they might be more open to trying new foods. If you’re looking for more fun ways to get your kids excited about trying nutritious foods, see what’s cooking at Fizzy’s Lunch Lab on PBS KIDS GO! There are lots of great ideas and activities to inspire kids to give new foods a try. There’s also an App with healthy recipes from Corporal Cup’s Food Camp for $1.99. The game is designed to both entertain and educate on healthy eating. Proceeds go to support PBS kids programming.

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