Get kids involved in the Kitchen

| May 3, 2011 | 0 Comments

Mom & daughter cookingCreative and fun ideas on how to get the kids involved with dinner. Moms the word on Dinner the Ragu series this one covers “How do your kids help with dinner”. Three moms give us some ideas of how to get the kids have fun in the kitchen.

The first mom notes how Scooping and dumping ingredients just cracks her little one up. Parent should occasionally try to let go of control and let the kids get creative in the kitchen. It is also a Good time to use math and measurements and teach the kids about that. Another dinner suggestion is to make your own pizza where everybody does their own sauce, makes the size of the dough and puts on the cheese. We all agree that we need to teach our kids to be self sufficient – so start early! Having the kids in the kitchen helps ease the burden of dinner and use it as a way to spend time together.

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