Entertaining with Cheese

| July 9, 2011 | 0 Comments

cheese platterCheese is a simple & delicious appetizer for any get together. Start off with selecting your cheese.  You will want to serve three to five different types of cheeses for variety.  Pick cheese that are contrasting in texture and taste. For example if you pick a firm cheese, then have a creamy one as well. Surround the cheese on your platter with fresh fruit such as grapes, figs or sliced pears that all compliment the cheeses.  Other sides that work well are olives, marinated vegetables (such as roasted peppers, or pieces of sun dried tomatoes and garlic cloves that have marinated in balsamic vinegar) and nuts. You can serve with sliced bread or crackers.  Water crackers and baguettes are great choices. Just try to stay away from crackers that have trans fats.

It is recommended you let the cheese “breathe” a little before serving, so you can leave out about an hour before your entertaining begins.  Serve and enjoy!

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