Beer At Your Local Fast Food Restaurant?

| July 9, 2011 | 0 Comments

beer bottleUSA Today reported that Sonic Restaurants will be adding 10 varieties of wine, 25 types of bottled beer and 3 draft beers to their menus, beginning in South Florida. Sonic stated their reasoning was to increase evening business.  They are not the first fast food chain to jump into selling alcoholic beverages.  Burger King opened up Whopper Bars in Las Vegas, Kansas City and Miami.  Starbucks also added beer and wine to some of its cafes in the Seattle area to test its success.  With fast food chains like Perkins and Sbarros recently filing for bankruptcy, is serving booze a desperate way to try and grow business? My concern is that these establishment hire teenagers.  How can they ensure that they will not have access to alcohol or selling it to their underaged friends?

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