Cleaning your Reusable Bags

| June 15, 2011 | 0 Comments

Pink BagHow often do you wash your reusable bags? It is amazing that so few people wash even think to wash their reusable grocery bags. A recent study found that many bags have E. coli, bacteria, mold, yeast and even some more disgusting things like worms in them. Yuck! It is important to treat your bags like you would treat lets say the sheets on a bed. We all grocery shop at least once a week so, after your shopping trip just through the bags in the washer with warm water and soap. I like to let my bags air dry/line dry because if not the shape gets out of sorts. If you get yourself in a regular routine of washing them you could possibly prevent your family getting stomach viruses from contaminated bags. Another helpful tip is to keep your reusable bags inside the house instead of your car. The temperatures in your car can get very warm combined with the darkness and you have the perfect petri dish. Here are a few don’t forget tips:

  • Wash your reusable bags at least once a week
  • Make sure you clean the counter area where you placed the bag
  • green flower bagDo not store the bags in your car till you are ready to go shopping
  • When washing your bags make sure to use warm water and maybe a mild bleach on the gentle cycle
  • Decide what to do with the meats you purchase. I do not like to put them in reusable bags at all. I still put the meats in plastic and throw them them away once I get home.
  • Separate out your bags. Have specific produce bags, pantry item bags and perhaps a cooler bag for cold items. We buy a specific color or design depending on what we are going to put in it so we always know what goes in each one.

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