September 11 Remembrance

| September 11, 2011 | 0 Comments

It is amazing that we are at the ten year anniversary of one of the greatest tragedies of our lifetime. It is September 11th american flagsstill painful to watch the footage of the planes going into the World Trade Center buildings. It almost seems like a bad movie that plays over again. We did not know anyone that was lost in those building but our hearts went out to all those people and their families who were affected by this. I remember that I found out I was pregnant two days after September 11. I remember thinking how can I bring a child into this scary world. Now, she is nine and has studied about the event in her history text books. We have an old book about New York City and it gives amazing photos of what the World Trade Center buildings once were.  We  will always remember!

Life changed in a blink of an eye for some many people that day. It is still so painful to even think about all the innocent lives that were lost. There are many celebrations around us – one at our local fire department where they actually have a steal beam that once was part of the World Trade Center. We will gather there to remember that awful day in our history. I believe that there is now an area that you can visit in New York around where this all happen but you must book your tickets in advance.

Support our troops, send care packages with and also through,

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