Protecting Kids and Photos on Facebook

| July 1, 2011 | 0 Comments

facebook signup pageIf you use Facebook I am sure you or your child’s picture has been tagged and you really wish that it would not be there for everyone to see. This is a new digital world we live in an there are things that we have to deal with as parents that our parents did not. What’s a parent to do? Common Sense Media shows you how to get your kid’s pictures offline. Here are some tips about combating unwanted photos on Facebook! These tips include asking the person to delete the photo, untagging yourself from the image, and even removing that person as a friend. I take a lot of pictures when we go out and I always ask the parents if they want me to email them the photos and surprisingly main ask me to put them on Facebook. I understand if you have an infant and many family members want to see images of the baby but once the kids get to a certain age I am against putting the photos online anymore.

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