New & Improved Quinny Strollers for 2011

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Discover the latest enhancements with the popular Buzz and Zapp

Quinny is a Dutch stroller company acquired by Dorel/Cosco back in 2007 as they break into the American market with their European styled, trendy convertible strollers.

quinny strollerAs with most higher-end brands, Quinny changes around the colors each year and improves features. Quinny currently offers three models: Buzz, Zapp X-tra and Senzz. The Buzz and the Zapp are the two most popular models and are the ones that have undergone recent changes for the current year, so we’ll just focus on these two models today.


Known for its smooth ride and precision maneuverability, the Quinny Buzz comes with either 3 or 4 wheels, though the four-wheeler is more difficult to find.

This is a convertible stroller with a removable, reversible molded seat. When your baby is a newborn, simply use your Maxi Cosi Mico car seat on the frame for a convenient travel system.

Previous years Buzz strollers offered an extra large seat you could buy when your toddler outgrew the seat that came with the stroller, but that didn’t hold over very well with consumers.

This year Quinny has enlarged the standard seat a bit to accommodate a child up to 50 pounds – no need now to purchase a larger seat as your child grows. That will save you quite a bit of money!

Another improvement is the underseat storage. Previous years had some complaints about the small size of the “Buzz Box” not being much use. This year you get an actual storage basket that is already attached to the frame.

A major attraction of the Quinny Buzz stroller is the really cool automatic unfolding feature. This is so helpful a mother who is already holding her baby. Just one touch and the stroller unfolds itself.

The only problem is that the Buzz would sometimes open on its own when you didn’t want it to. In response to these accidental openings, this year Quinny installed a safety strap that holds it together once folded.

Quinny Buzz has many more exciting features and parents have quite a bit to say about this unique stroller.


Here is an attractive light-weight, yet full-sized stroller with umbrella handles that boasts the most compact 3-D fold in the world! Now that is a bold statement, but the Quinny Zapp folds down to a size that you can store it in the overhead bin of an airplane or take it with you in the most compact sized cars. It is really amazing!

But the Zapp was not without its problems in the past. Quinny, wanting to stay on top of the game and keep customers happy, listened to what they had to say and made some improvements for 2011. Let’s take a look.

The problem had been with the seat; it did not recline and when you’re paying nearly $300 you expect that the seat will recline! Well, Quinny upped the ante and not only made a 3-position reclining seat but one that reversed too! When baby faces you, a 2-position recline is possible.

A reversible seat means that the seat comes off in one piece and is therefore molded – the entire seat tips backward. It also means that you must remove the seat before folding and stack the frame on top of the seat for storage.

Another issue was that the Zapp was so lightweight that hanging your shopping bags and purse off the handles would cause it to tip backwards. However the newly updated Zapp Xtra is a pound heavier, and it is also sturdier and well-balanced, so now hanging your purchases off the handles no longer poses a threat to tipping.

You’ll be impressed at all the other features the Quinny Zapp Xtra has and all the variations of flexibility it offers you and your child.

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  1. Reina@pegperego says:

    very nice. I’m amazed at how small you can fold it up. With some of the transit laws about strollers on trains and buses that makes the Quinny Zapp Xtra a excellent choice for parents who use the public transport a lot. Of course, everybody wants a stroller that is easy to travel with and get in and out of your car.

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