Kids Worrying About Money

| September 21, 2011 | 5 Comments

couple paying billsWe are all living though one of the worst economies on record. There is article after article written about poverty levels on the rise all around us. Today, families make up 32% of the nations overall homeless population as reported by the National Center on Family Homelessness. It would be naive to think that our kids do not recognize a change in the finances as it affects their life.

Highlights Magazine announced the results of a major opinion poll of American kids. Highlights magazine is the most widely read general-interest children’s magazine in the U.S. While adults often remember the magazine from the dentist’s office, it reaches the homes of more than 2 million children each month. A new report by the National Press Club which is by Highlights Magazine finds that children are starting to notice what is happening around them in terms of finances. This club surveyed close to 70,000 readers of Highlights Magazine and used 1,000 responses of those returned to publish this report. One of the questions that the survey asked was what their parents worry about most, kids respond that parents worry about their safety. They specifically named being kidnapped, murdered or hurt. The other thing kids listed was their parents concern for money. “Given the state of the national economy, the study indicates that kids know their parents are worried about money.”

We always try to be conscious about our reaction about things stressful things around the kids. They are always pay attention and they take their cues from us as to whether or not a situation should worry them or not. I always try to teach the kids to be thankful for what we have and how we cannot waste food. I also tell the kids that they do not need to worry about money because we have enough for the basics. On Sundays the kids help me clip coupons and they see that it helps us save money. We write every a blog every Saturday called “Sunday Coupon Inserts” that covers what coupons will show up in Sunday’s paper. Also, before school started we checked online for deals and that is how we found TOMS Coupons and School Supply coupons to help. Do you try to shield your children away from bad things or major changes that happen in your household?

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  1. Sonita Lewis says:

    I do not shield my kids (4&7) from life if it involves them. We have been feeling the effects of the economy for almost 3 years now. Recently our family finances took another huge hit-a loss of 1/3 of our income. I sat the kids down and had a talk with them. Things HAD to change, and they had to know because it would effect them. I think they would worry more if I just started changing rules and they didn’t know why. They know why-and like you, they know we have enough for what we NEED, but we can NOT be wasteful and wants HAVE to be put off for now.

  2. ShopAholic Mommy says:

    Thank you for leaving a comment. These are difficult times for many of us. I totally agree with you that they would worry more if we just started changing rules and they didn’t know why. Again, I appreciate you sharing your story!
    P.S. I can’t wait to try your crock pot yogurt – that is definitely something I never thought to make in a crock pot! Thanks for sharing it!

  3. I agree – we totally are up front with the kids about the money squeeze. We’re 100% self employed, and I’m not gonna lie – it’s tough….but I think that it helps the kids understand why we can’t stop at McDonald’s or buy the newest book in the series that they enjoy. Truthfully, our kids don’t even ask anymore because they know that if we can do something special – we will. They are also gaining because they are learning the value of work as they do a lemonade stand to raise money for their camp fees because we told them that we just couldn’t do it – and, they took matters into their own hands to get the money. Yay, Initiative!!

  4. Oh, and I forgot to say that they know that God will provide for our NEEDS so we’re gonna be ok 🙂

  5. ShopAholic Mommy says:

    That is amazing that they took matters into their own hands and started saving their own money – I love that – it shows great discipline and self control. Congratulations mom sounds like you are raising some amazing kids! Thanks for sharing your story! Hope you have a great day!

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