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What to Make of Combi Strollers?

When you first look at these lightweight strollers they’re very cute! Combi is a Japanese brand that’s been in the US for awhile now and produce compact strollers that are popular for travel and daily errands.

Combi reached its heyday back in the 1990s, but since then, management has undergone several changes and the company has gone rather stagnant. Since beginning my stroller research over a year ago, there have been absolutely no changes to their models, nor have any new strollers have come out in that time.

Combi has its “flagship” model called the Cosmo, which has a full seat recline and can accommodate the Combi car seat called the Shuttle. Their only twin model is called the Combi Twin Sport that has gotten rather decent reviews, averaging 4 stars. Then they have the Flare, which is a pared-down version of the Cosmo, and has also gotten decent 4-star ratings across the different internet retailers. However that’s really it in terms of Combi product offerings. They used to have a couple of car seat stroller frames, but those have been discontinued.

The Cosmo and the Flare haven’t done all that great on Consumer Reports, either. While the Flare did slightly better at 63%, the Cosmo came in last place in the umbrella-style (lightweight) stroller category at only 52%. Both models received the same marks: very good for ease of use and maneuverability and fair for safety.

The Twin Sport got a better reception on Consumer Reports. For the double side-by-side category, it rated right in the middle with a 65% – higher than the Zooper Tango but lower than the Peg Perego Aria Twin. The Twin Sport received very good marks for ease of use and maneuverability and a fair mark for safety.

Consumer Guide Baby Bargains says in their latest publication (this year) that Combi plans to come out with two new stroller models in 2011. The first they mention is called a Cabria, and it has the same features as the Cosmo, only enhanced. Features like a larger sun canopy and shopping basket, bigger wheels, a parent cup holder and console are in the works.

Next is called the GT-1, the most expensive stroller in the Combi line at $229. This stroller will feature a big storage basket, larger footrest, two cup holders and a nice large sun canopy.

Unfortunately, when I went to the Combi official website, I didn’t see anything about the Cabria nor the GT-1. Considering 2011 has only 3.5 months left in the year, I hope they roll them out soon.

Combi looks kind of like a flailing company and they need to update and improve their current stroller models and the new ones they introduce better knock our socks off.

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  1. Andy says:

    The Japanese always well known as a good designer. So normally the Japanese company will create a lot of good stuff. But combi didn’t create the new strollers recently is a bit disappointed. But this stroller looks good though.

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