Kidkraft Kitchens why they make a good gift

| July 13, 2010 | 0 Comments

My girls always loved their kitchens while they were growing up. Since most kitchen cost upwards of $100 it is important to make sure to do some research before you buy it. The first kitchen my kids ever got was a KidKraft retro kitchen. Then later on we moved to the grand gourmet kitchen. Kidkraft is great because of the sturdiness of the toys and the great accessories that are included. The knobs turn and click and I love that the sink is removable for easy cleaning. My kids always wanted a kitchen with bulletin boards to write out the grocery list so we added it. Make sure you let your kids indulge and get the chef’s hat and apron it really helps the creative juices to flow.

KidKraft kitchen play set are a perfect introduction to household chores. My kids always loved pretending to cook me dinner and serve it. The motherly instincts really started to show. Make sure to check out the KidKraft Cookware play sets in addition to their new kitchen. It can add to house of entertainment and creative play for the whole family.

We love to play top chef and the kids come up with some pretty neat creations in their KidKraft kitchen!

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