When to Visit Walt Disney World

| January 21, 2013 | 55 Comments

Magic kingdom castleIf the weather is cold where you are, you might be suffering a bit from cabin fever this time of year. Although late January isn’t the typical time to plan a vacation, your mind may be on thoughts of getting away from it all for a little while. If you have kids, you might even have thought of taking a vacation to Walt Disney World, and maybe you’re planning one for their next school vacation. Living within a few hours from central Florida, I can tell you that there are certain times of year that it’s better to visit Mickey and his friends, and unfortunately, the kids’ spring break might not be one of them. Here’s the scoop on the best time to go to Walt Disney World in 2013:

  • If your kids have off on Presidents Week (February 18-22 this year), think twice before you fly to Orlando if you’re planning to go to Disney World. This, along with the last couple of weeks of March and early part of April, is one of the weeks that is absolutely swarming with families and children.
  • If you can manage a getaway between now and mid-February, though, then jump on it! The crowds will be low, and so will the prices (well, relatively so… it IS Disney World, after all). Another good time that’s coming up is at the end of April and the beginning of May. The kids are back in school after the break, and most people aren’t vacationing.
  • June through August are not only going to be super-crowded, but the weather in central Florida is very hot and humid. It also rains nearly every afternoon, which brings a brief reprieve from the humidity, but if thunder and lightning are involved, and they usually are, then some of the attractions may be closed.
  • September through mid-November boast low crowds. It will also be nice to visit during the first half of December, when the holiday decorations are up but attendance is on the low side.
  • The week of Thanksgiving as well as the week between Christmas and New Years will be very busy. The holidays add to the magic of Disney, but it comes at a cost!

Remember than when crowds are high, so are hotel prices: It’s all about supply and demand, after all, and when rooms are in high demand, they’re in lower supply, making them worth a lot more.

My family is planning a weekend away later this month; if you live within driving distance, you might be able to go just for a couple of days and only have the kids miss one or two days of school. If your school is year-round with staggered vacation times, this is another way you could take advantage of the lower crowds at certain points of the year.

Are you planning a Walt Disney World vacation in 2013? When will you be going?

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  1. Natalie Erickson says:

    Love Walt Disney World

  2. Wendy Mastin says:

    We went the 1st week in March one year and it was great. Hardly nobody there. Everyone goes during February when their children are off on break.

  3. Renata S says:

    The best time we had at Disney was on New Year’s (long time ago). We’re planning to go again next year.

  4. Rachel Salinas says:

    These are so helpful! Thank you!

  5. Donna George says:

    The very beginning of June, like the first week, isn’t too crowded. But goodness gracious, don’t go in high summer. YOu’ll die of heat prostration.

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