New Years Good Luck Traditions and Superstitions

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Tradition vs. Superstition vs. Bringing in the New Year with Inspiration
Family toastingHappy New Year! Ok, on to the reason you came here which is for New Year’s traditions and superstition information! Sources of inspiration or predominant offshoots of traditional idealism; either way one believes, bringing in the New Year with a source of inspiration is a way to express ones enthusiasm of their wishes and desires for the upcoming New Year. Through acknowledging past experiences and confronting a variety of other assorted issues or problems at the close of the year’s end. Each individual can at least find enough mental assertion to add meaning and value to their life through acknowledging the old and being willing to confront the new. Optimistic idealism at the very least, so good cheers and a glass of bubbly to help prepare one for the inevitable realm of the future and we wish you a Happy New Year.

New Years traditions of any sorts whatever they be; the partaking of food, kissing our loved ones, making loud noises, opening doors and windows; actually inspire our drive to succeed in life. Inspiration reinforces our mental characteristics and we actually affirm our natural and moral obligations of our rightful pursuit to life, joy, happiness and the right to will-to power. Recorded in the United States Constitution states that, each individual has the right to the pursuit of life, success, joy and, happiness. New Years Traditions allow us to voice collectively and uphold our moral obligations of the same.

It is only in theory that we believe that what can happen can occur again exactly the same way and, can actually happen again and again. However, New Years Traditions are more than that. New Years Traditions are about affirming and celebrating happiness and the fulfillment of life. One such tradition for example, allows for us to reawaken and reclaim our hope through the partaking of certain types of foods. It is believed that eating sauerkraut and pork for example will ensure that our pursuit of success and happiness will keep moving forward and that partaking of this type of food removes any chance of doubt and uncertainty that our path for the New Year will be given unto dark tides of despair. Another great tradition helps us to intellectualize that if we kiss our beloved or any loved one for that matter at the beginning of the New Year that collectively we shall remain together inspiring each other in the upcoming New Year with a positive affirming “Kiss” means our life’s journey together, fundamentally shall not depart in the upcoming New Year.

Here are ShopaholicMommy we partake in a few of the New Year’s customs! I am from a latin family so for as long as I can remember we always get twelve grapes, and you are supposed to make a wish for each grape you eat. Next, we always toast with glass of champagne and put a piece of gold jewelry in it such as a ring. This is supposed to bring you wealth in the New Year! On New Year’s Day we have a nice size bowl of black eyed peas and this is also said to bring good fortune. I have to admit I am not a fan of the beans but it’s a once a year and with the addition of collard greens in them I make sure to finish my serving! Even the kids have gotten on board with the tradition and have at least a spoonful. In the recent years, my sister has really stepped up her New Year’s traditions research so for many many more ideas visit .

The world and the people within it, hopefully understand that the New Years Tradition allows for social warmth entrenched with a genuine human need; the need for contact, clarity and a genuine sense of warmth, belonging and acceptance. Therefore, a good New Years Tradition commits us to the pursuit of an ambitious life, one full of meaning and value with a genuine concern and an expressed desire for the well being of all those whose lives touch our own. The hope for happiness without misery and despair; the hope of a meaningful life full of valuable relationships and an awesome cup of good cheer. Cheery and jolly enraptured with love may this New Year be charmed with good spirits from above.

Happy New Year from all of us at Shopaholic Mommy.

We look forward to sharing the next year with you and your family!

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  1. Tina says:

    Thanks for sharing this post. I really don’t have any New Years traditions at my house. Maybe this could be the year to start new traditions. I hope you and your family have a healthy, safe and happy Holiday and a happy, healthy and safe New Years. Thanks again for the post.

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