How to Build the Perfect Snowman

| December 4, 2012 | 28 Comments

SnowmanIs it snowing yet where you live? I grew up in cold New England, so I spent my childhood building snowmen during the winter. My own kids have grown up in Florida, though, and a couple of years ago, when we visited family up north, it snowed. They were totally elated, but had no idea what to do when my husband and I suggested building a snowman. If you grew up in the South, or if you have never built a snowman, here are the steps you need to know to build the perfect snowman (or woman).

  • Wait for the right type of snow. Some snow is powdery and doesn’t stick together well; this tends to fall when it’s very cold. If the temperature is around the freezing mark, though, then there should be enough water in the snow to make it nice and sticky. If you can make a good snowball, you can make a good snowman; if it falls apart in your hands, then you may need to wait for it to start to melt together a bit, or wait for the next snowfall.
  • Start with a snowball. Make a nice big one, and pack it tightly. Then start rolling it around in the snow, letting it pick up mass along the way. Every once in a while, pat it together. Turn it as necessary while rolling to encourage a rounded shape. This will be the bottom of your snowman, so when it starts getting to be the size you want it, roll it over to where you want your snowman to stand.
  • Repeat the previous step for the body and the head of the snowman. The body should be a bit smaller than the bottom, and the head should be smaller than the body. Balance them on top of each other, and use loose snow to fill in the gaps and make them stick together well. Push two sticks into the body for arms.
  • Now is the fun part: decorating your snowman! You can use rocks or buttons for the eyes and smile. Traditionally, a carrot is used for the nose, but you could use anything you want. If you have Mr. Potato Head, you could even use the pieces that came with the kit to fashion eyes, a nose and a mouth. Wrap a scarf around Frosty’s neck, and stick mittens on his “hands.” Don’t forget to add a hat on top of his head!
  • Make a whole snowman family! Mom, Dad, and snowbabies. You could even make a snowpuppy or a snowkitten. Use your imagination when adding accessories and decorations to these! Mr. Snowman could hold a leash attached to Snowpuppy’s neck, and Mrs. Snowman could wear a sling with a snowbaby inside. You could also use bride and groom costumes to make a happily wedded pair, or Hawaiian leis and grass skirts to make hula-dancing snowpeople. See what you have in the costume bin at your house!

Snowman-building can entertain everyone for several hours, and it’s a great workout, besides! Have some hot chocolate ready to enjoy by the fire when you’re done to help thaw cold fingers and noses, and make sure to take pictures before your snowfamily melts away!

Do you have any tips on how to build the perfect snowman?

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  1. Renata Lopes says:

    I find beautiful to see the whole city covered with snow, I really wanted to make snowmen.

  2. Nena Sinclair says:

    I love building snowmen with my grandchildren. I live in central Canada (the prairies) so there’s lots of snow here!

  3. Kelvin Justine says:

    It’s really sad that we don’t have winter in our country and I can’t make one. But hopefully when I go to London I can make it soon.

  4. Trish F says:

    Yes the type of snow makes all the difference. The dry icy stuff does not work.

  5. Anita Leibert says:

    Although I don’t much care for snow, I’ve had my share of making snow people! It’s one of the nicer things about snow here in Ohio. I’ve seen several that others have made and believe it or not, even some naughty ones! lol

  6. Tina Seagraves says:

    We hardly ever get enough snow to build a snowman here in the south.

  7. Debra Givens Wagner says:

    Thanks for the tips! It will snow here before Christmas

  8. Jennifer Mae Hiles says:

    I haven’t made a snowman in years! I’m not particularly fond of the cold but I should get out there and have some fun with the kids, love the idea of a snow puppy! My daughter would get a real kick out of that!

  9. Erin Wall says:

    This was one of my favorite things to do as a kids. Lot of warm fuzzy memories!!! I take my niece out in the snow every chance I get. Luv it!!!

  10. denise smith says:

    i live in pa where we get alot of snow i love building snow men with my kids every year when we get the right kind of snow it really is so great

  11. Andrea Byrne says:

    speaking of which this photo makes me think of the movie “the snowman”

  12. Diana Heiner says:

    My girls LOVE building snowmen and here in Wyoming we get plenty of snow to do it. We really enjoy putting colored water in a spray bottle and “painting” our snowman!

  13. Rebecca Sinclair says:

    I grew up in New England too, but we now raise our kids in Tennessee. I wish they could have more opportunities to play in the snow. We had so much fun as kids!

  14. Caitlin Clark says:

    For my family the best part of snowman building is then knocking them over to save humanity from the snow zombie invasion!

  15. Liza says:

    These are great tips. I’ve only seen snow once and that was a long time ago. My siblings and I tried to make a snowman but failed because the snow was powdery at that time and it didn’t stick well together.

  16. catherine copeland says:

    sometimes i miss winter. It’s been a long time since the boys & I made a snowman. I hope we get to build one this year when I visit my family

  17. We don’t get snow often in Southwest Louisiana, and when we do, it usually melts on contact. Once during my h.s. years, we got lucky and it snowed enough and was cold long enough that I felt safe building my first snowman. I went up and down our street, gathered enough to make not one, but two snowpeople and dressed them in my h.s. spirit gear. Unfortunately, I attended the arch rival school of my neighborhood district. To add insult to injury, my snowcouple got their pic in the daily paper, complete with address. lol

  18. Bonnie says:

    Love making snowman especially right after a snowstorm!:)

  19. Christina Kelbel says:

    great tips! I have not done this with my son yet. he’s 4 now, if we get the right snowfall this may be the year.

  20. Scott M says:

    I really enjoyed How to Build the Perfect Snowman, its amazing how something so simple can bring a family so much joy.

  21. I grew up in Pennsylvania and lots of winter snow. I never made a snowman though. I really don’t like to be cold and that was just too cold for me. I was always inside making hot chocolate for everyone 🙂

  22. Theresa Reed says:

    Great tips. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  23. Melissa Stanley says:

    Although snow is not my favorite thing, I do like to build snowmen with my kids when it does snow. I enjoyed reading step by step instructions on how to build the perfect snowman. I will definitely have to try this next time we have a good wet packing snow. Thanks for the tips.

  24. misty farmer says:

    Wow thats really kool! We always get out there and TRY to build a snowman lol thanks for the tips!

  25. Elena says:

    We love building a snowman. So much fun!

  26. Wendy T says:

    Lots of fond memories attached to this. I’m glad you shared it.

  27. Karen Glatt says:

    We have not gotten hardly any snow yet(today is Dec 6)-and that is unusual for us. I like to build snowman, and it is so fun to get all the kids together and have them see what they will create! Last year, the neighbor kids all got together to build a snowman and as we were putting it together a big Moose came running down the street!

  28. Marsha Goggin says:

    Hoping for enought snow this year to make a snowman. Thanks for the tips!

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