Family Friendly Spring Break Travel Ideas

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Family on a merry go roundSpring break may conjure up visions of lazing on the beach, drinking, and living it up with other college-aged party animals. Or not, now that you have a family! Your kids might have their break from school at the same time as the spring-breakers that you may have identified with a decade or two ago, but chances are that you don’t want to spend your vacation partying on a beach in Mexico or dancing to MTV as they film their spring break specials. Don’t even think about staying home just to avoid the crowds of partying 20-year-olds! There are plenty of family-friendly vacation destinations where you can spend your kids’ spring break.

Walt Disney World

You won’t run into crowds of party animals at Disney World, but don’t kid yourself: it will be busy if you decide to spend your spring break cavorting with Mickey and friends. With that said, central Florida is a great place to visit in March or April. The weather is warm enough to feel tropical and give you a dose of sun and heat, but not so hot that you’ll be melting after a few hours in one of the parks. It’s also not rainy season yet, so you won’t have thunderstorms to contend with in the afternoons, the way you would in the summer. Disney is family-friendly and they’re known for handling crowds exceptionally well. With FastPass, you will still be able to get onto rides and into attractions without waiting in long lines. The resort is located about 90 minutes by car to the beaches in Tampa on the west coast of the state, and also to some of the east coast beaches, such as Cocoa Beach, giving you beach time without having to stay in a loud, college-student-filled hotel. I just saw something on the Disney website that was selling 3 parks for $99 – that is an amazing savings.

Washington, DC

The capital of the United States is always a great place to consider for a family visit, and this is particularly true during the spring months. The cherry trees will be blooming, and the National Cherry Blossom Festival will run from late March to late April. It’s not a popular spring-break destination for college kids, so you should not have to worry about witnessing any raucous fun, and with many free attractions and museums, Washington, DC is great for families on a budget. Consider staying in a hotel outside of the city to save even more on accommodations.

Indoor Water Parks, Anytown, USA

If you’re looking for a resort that includes lots of splashing and swimming, consider an indoor water park for your kids’ spring break. These don’t seem to attract hordes of spring-breakers in the traditional sense, because, let’s face it, college kids are more into surfing and sunbathing than in slipping down waterslides! These are all over the country, so chances are great that you are within driving distance to an indoor water park. Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, for example, is home to over 20 of these fun-filled parks. Others are located in Sandusky, Ohio and the Poconos, in Pennsylvania. You might even have a hotel or resort in your state where you can spend a few days away from home, without the large expense typical vacation transportation.

These are just a few ideas for spending some fun-filled family time away from the college crowds during the kids’ spring break. Do you have a favorite family-friendly spring break vacation destination? Are you going to be traveling this Spring Break or will it be more of a Staycation? Tell us about it!

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    Waterparks are great … only thing you need is tons of eye drops to help with the chlorine 🙂 Stopping in through Life According to Damaris – Sure would love a return follow via GFC and Google + when you have the time. Have a great one!

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