Best Travel Stroller for Disney World

| April 29, 2011 | 0 Comments

boy in baby buggyWe recently came back from a trip to Disney World and about 45 minutes into the drive I realized that I had left my favorite travel stroller in the garage. By far my trusty and favorite travel stroller is from the brand Maclaren. We purchased the Techno XT for our first daughter eight years ago and are now using it for our second child. We have put this stroller through the ringer and it still works perfectly. I would only suggest this for the toddler age group and up as this is not an infant stroller.

Great Features: I love the way the Maclaren stroller folds up quick and easy like an umbrella stroller would. This makes it very easy for using when you are getting on and off the buses at Disney World. Another one of my favorite features has to be the large hood that keeps the kids shaded and minimizes sun exposure. Because I forget my stroller this last trip I stopped in a Walmart in Orlando to see what they had and they only carried a $14 umbrella stroller with no hood and a $30 stroller with a hood. I bought the $30 stroller because I wanted it to protect her from the sun but once we built it we realized that it was not only narrow but short – by that I mean my daughters head was taller than the hood on the stroller – oh well there goes the protection I wanted. This really was one of the shortest strollers I have seen and it was not easy to drive. I think next time if I forget my stroller I my just opt for the $13 a day stroller rental at Disney rather than what Walmart has to offer.

Oh yeah and if you do take your own stroller make sure you add id tags and colorful items to it so that you can identify it. The stroller parking area are like trying to find a needle in a haystack. The Disney employees do a great job of keep the stroller area organized but YOU WILL NEVER FIND YOUR STROLLER IN THE SAME PLACE YOU LEFT IT. Put stickers on the strollers, Luggage tags, write on it with a sharpie – do what ever you have to but make sure you can spot it quickly – believe me it will save you a lot of time and prevent someone from stealing it!

PS. I did notice that Disney World was selling Chico Umbrella strollers inside every gift shop in the park. It was a red stroller with a small hood to it. Word to the wise I saw a lot of these red strollers in the park make sure you can identify it!

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