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How to Safely Enter Online TOMS Shoes Giveaways

“Enter now for a chance to win a brand new pair of TOMS shoes or TOMS Eyewear. Just ‘like us’ to enter now.” How can you find out if this online giveaway is legitimate or a fraud? There are thousands of TOMS Shoes online giveaways and many other things from clothes to laptops. It is important to know whether what you are entering is legitimate, since a majority of the time you will have to share your personal information. Don’t be fooled by a site telling your the Love TOMS Shoes, that is not enough to trust a site. This article will help you protect your information as you enter online TOMS Shoes giveaways.
TOMS Shoes Giveaway Details
In order to be wise with these giveaways, you will have to: 1) Practice common sense, 2) Understand how to research a company, and 3) Decide how to share your information. Your parents may have told you that, “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.” That is a true statement and can help you protect your personal information online. Is a pair of TOMS Shoes worth giving up your identity for a TOMS Shoes giveaway. Many websites will pop up windows while you are browsing the web offering you chances to win or enter a giveaway. Whenever you see pop up window giveaways, you should be very weary if they are legitimate. Many of these sites not only take your personal information, but they can sometimes infect your computer with spam and viruses. So use common sense, if it is a big-ticket item, it is probably not legitimate.Secondly, before you enter any giveaways especially TOMS Shoes giveaway, research the company. If you cannot find out any information on who is giving away the prize, then do not enter. If you met a stranger on the corner who asked for your personal information, you would not just give it to them. Nor would you want to do that online. You could do a Google search on a company will give you greater insight if they are a legitimate company and if anyone has reported them being a fraud. A company that is doing a legitimate giveaway will give you all the pertinent information: 1) what they are giving away, 2) when the entries for the giveaway end, 3) when and how the winner will be announced, and 4) contact information, and 5) terms and conditions of the giveaway. If you do not see these on the website, then be cautious. Also, many sites leave a footprint for TOMS Shoes giveaways that document when and if you followed all the rules.Lastly, you will need to decide how to share your information. Many sites will have like buttons. These like buttons will reveal a lot because they will give you access to their Facebook page that should give you more details on the company. BEWARE of companies that ask you to LIKE other companies that you have never heard of. For a TOMS Shoes Giveaway you should only need to interact with the site that is having the giveaway. That will help you do your research on the company. Also, if the company asks you to allow them to have your personal information (and your friends) on Facebook, proceed with caution. If they have an option to enter without using a “like” button, that will protect your Facebook information. You never want to give companies free access to your Facebook information.Online TOMS Shoes giveaways can be very exciting! At the same time, you must use common sense, spend time researching a company, and decide what to share with the company giving away the item. By doing that, you will decrease your chances of having, your personal information compromised. Be cautious with your information and realize that identity fraud is a real and growing concern. By having “street smarts” on the internet, you will protect your information and might just be the next lucky winner!

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