TOMS Shoes – Try some Red to beat the Winter Blues #TOMS

| January 19, 2012 | 0 Comments

TOMS Shoes Red ShoesThere is no way to beat the winter blues if you are stuck in the house but we have a suggestion to make you feel happy. TOMS Shoes are not the traditional winter shoe but they can help you beat the winter blues! How you may ask? Lets start with the spicy TOMS Red Canvas Women’s Wedges they are dressy enough to go perfect with a dress or skirt. New up is the Toms Red Canvas Men’s Classics that look amazing with Jeans! TOMS did not leave out the little ones, Red Youth Glitters look like Dorthy’s ruby red slippers and the the tiniest of TOMS lovers there are pink canvas tiny toes with a velcro strap making them so easy to put on! It’s too bad that the TOMS Fleece winter boots don’t come in red because that is my favorite outdoor shoe.

Coming up in April TOMS will be holding their One Day Without Shoes and you can get your pair of TOMS Shoes now and start spreading the word! Each and every time I wear my shoes people always ask me about them. Help the One for One cause and wear your Toms and get other people involved!As if you needed to sweeten the deal even more we offer TOMS Shoes Coupons for a five dollar savings! Help a child in need and get yourself a great deal on a pair of red Toms Shoes! We are huge supporters of the TOMS cause and we hope you will join us by purchasing your first pair today!

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