TOMS Cord Classics keep your feet warm

| October 18, 2011 | 0 Comments

TOMS Cord Classic Shoes for the fall! The temperatures are starting to drop and there is no faster way to make your body cold than by not protecting your feet. New to the TOMS Fall line are TOMS Cord Classics. The same quality you have come to expect from the TOMS Canvas shoe is not available in Corduroy. Shopaholic Mommy have one of the best selections of TOMS Coupons available so stop by our coupon page! Like the canvas shoe the Cords have elastic so the shoe is easy to put on. The inside is branded with the TOMS name and suede insole. New for the Holidays TOMS has a Red Stoned Cord Classic available for women in all sizes and the perfect color for all your holiday outfits. New Cord Classic Styles for men come in Black Stone Washed, Olive Stone and Teal. In solid Colors the Cords are available in Red, Black and Grey – hey that’s not fair the men got more color style than the women! The TOMS Cord style is also available in the fall so many of the colors and styles are in limited supply because TOMS is getting ready to release their holiday styles. The Mustard Cords Classics and Camel Cord for Women are only available in three sizes. TOMS Red Cord Classics and Cinnamon Cord Men’s Classics are still available in ten sizes but TOMS warns that once they are gone your will not see this style again. Many people complain that the Cords are a very tight fit and most people end up with a one whole size higher than what they usually wear so keep this in mind when ordering. TOMS Shoes Coupons save you up to five dollars so, get a pair of Cord Classics before they are gone!

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